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Our favorite tours to Perú feature the cultural heritage of Incas, the beautiful cities of Lima and Cusco and take you to explore the Amazon. Visit Perú for beautiful landscapes, incredible history, and unique landmarks like Machu Picchu.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a tour for that.

Do I need a visa to travel Perú?

Peru requires a tourist visa for some countries but not all of them. For example, citizens from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Spain, France, UK, Germany and Australia do not require a tourist visa. For other countries, please visit the official site of the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Is Perú safe?

Like any country where poverty is palpable, it’s best to always be attentive when traveling especially in big cities where petty crimes can occur. In more touristic places like Machu Picchu safety issues are unlikely to disturb your trip.

What places to visit in Peru in winter?

You should visit Machu Picchu (most visits are in winter due to the weather), Cusco, Lima, and the Sacred Valley.

What best time to travel to Perú?

Winter is the best time to visit Peru since it’s the dry season. It goes from May to September.

What are the best adventure place in Perú?

First, the famous Machu Picchu citadel sits between high mountains and it’s part of the Inca Trail. Then, the Amazon and its amazing wildlife, but also the Colca Canyon.

How to travel to Peru?

Located in South America, the best way to travel to Peru is traveling by airplane.


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What to Do on a Peru Trip?


Filled with traditions, unique gastronomy and natural reserves, Peru is one of the world’s most varied countries. This country amazes visitors with its history, from the glorious Inca citadel of Machu Picchu, a 5000-year history of Peruvian settlement, to Lima’s great museums which reveal in full detail the sophistication, skill and passion of these lost civilizations. 


The capital of Latin American cooking, it’s the perfect place to taste ceviche. Its particular geography and cultural diversity has created a complex culinary experience with Spanish, indigenous, and Asian influences. This vast country is a paradise for the active traveler. Giant sand dunes, chiseled peaks and Pacific breaks lie just a few kilometers away from Lima.

Best Destinations Feature on a Perú Trip

Peru is a country of ancient ceremonies, exquisite ceviche and history. Travellers will enjoy well-known seafood restaurants in Lima, discover palaces of the Inca Civilization in Machu Picchu and get lost in the colonial city of Cuzco (declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site). These destinations are must-sees for any Perú visit.



Lima is the capital of Peru, the starting point for almost all trips within the country and a must-see spot on a tour to Peru. It is located by the Pacific Coast and provides all kinds of facilities for major cities. In the Colonial Era, it was the seat of the viceroyalty and thus became the most powerful city in South America. Nowadays, its foreign and native heritage coexist with its colonial buildings with the many archaeological sites (located in the south of the city, on the way to the Sacred City of Caral), and the beautiful Peruvian beaches. Treat yourself to seafood in this city that offers some of the best restaurants in South America. Miraflores is a great neighborhood to stay, lovely and safe with a view of the Pacific Ocean, offers parks and outdoor spaces, all sorts of restaurants and bars, entertainment, shopping, and more. For all these reasons and attractions, you cannot leave this city aside on your tours in Peru.


Machu Picchu

Located in the south of Perú with the Andes Mountains as background, you’ll find Machu Picchu. A city that exhibits magnificent palaces, elaborately constructed temples, and oddly flawless stone houses from the Inca Civilization. Only roughly 100 years after its construction, Machu Picchu was abandoned during the Spanish conquest and remained unchanged until the early twentieth century.  It currently attracts thousands of tourists every day and is without a doubt the most well-known archaeological site in South America. The hidden Inca Trail leads to the mysterious city. The trek or bus trip to the isolated region is an experience in itself.



Cuzco is one of the oldest cities in the country. Its name comes from “Q´osqo” which means “navel” in the Quechua language. This city was the Capital of the Tawantinsuyo Inca Empire and it’s the gateway to visit the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983, this colonial city is currently one of the most popular destinations in any Peru tour. The entire city, not just a given district or neighborhood, is an attraction itself with integrated history found throughout the city, from the striking street corners down to the sidewalks. Every single aspect of this city offers clues of a past golden era. Cuzco’s ancient walls and roads have been nicknamed “the birthplace of the world”. 

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