The Archeology and the Nature

Our favorite tours to Perú feature the cultural heritage of Incas, the beautiful cities of Lima and Cusco and take you to explore the Amazon.

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Do I need a visa to travel Perú?

Peru requires a tourist visa for some countries but not all of them. For example, citizens from the United States, Mexico, Canada, Spain, France, UK, Germany and Australia do not require a tourist visa. For other countries, please visit the official site of the Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What best time to travel to Perú?

Winter is the best time to visit Peru since it’s the dry season. It goes from May to September.

Is Perú safe?

Like any country where poverty is palpable, it’s best to always be attentive when traveling especially in big cities where petty crimes can occur. In more touristic places like Machu Picchu safety issues are unlikely to disturb your trip.

What are the best adventure place in Perú?

First, the famous Machu Picchu citadel sits between high mountains and it’s part of the Inca Trail. Then, the Amazon and its amazing wildlife, but also the Colca Canyon.

What places to visit in Peru in winter?

You should visit Machu Picchu (most visits are in winter due to the weather), Cusco, Lima, and the Sacred Valley.