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Family Trips & Tours

Our trips to enjoy family vacations feature activities & tours for kids and adults of all ages, travel experiences to be in contact with nature, and enjoy a unique Patagonia vacation. You can craft your multigenerational family vacations with our team of experts in family trips. We are proud members of the Family Travel Association (FTA), the leading authorities in family travel.

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What is a family trip?

A family trip is designed with family hotels with connected or continuous rooms, or that allow children to share the room with parents, with specialized guides and tours suitable for the whole family. For families who seek to combine a sense of adventure, commitment to the locals and a taste for the best things in life; those who like to broaden their horizons and relax in beautiful surroundings.

Are attractions adapted for strollers?

Some attractions are adapted and others are not, but in the family tours you visit the attractions that are suitable for strollers.

Is it possible to travel with children of any age?

Yes, there are activities for all ages, young children, school children and teenagers.

How are the accommodations?

Hotels that have triple and quadruple rooms, that have double adjoining rooms, connected by a doorway. In those accommodations where connected rooms are not available, adjacent rooms, and rooms on the same floor can be booked.

How much in advance a family trip should be booked?

The same time as with other trips, the earlier you book the better if you want connected rooms (as there are few of these rooms in each hotel) or if you want a specific hotel. Everything is subject to availability and it is best to book as early as possible.

Family holidays in Spanish

Family holidays can be an opportunity to practice a foreign language! In Argentina and Chile, people speak Spanish. It is always really useful to learn some everyday words to dive deeper into the experience. Duolingo is one of the most popular learning apps.  With 5 mins a day your kids can discover Spanish words for the family trip.

Why Family Trips are Important

What’s more fulfilling for a family than creating ever-lasting memories? And what if this is also while being surrounded by nature? 
Discovering the world together is priceless. Family trips provide quality family time exploring new destinations and cultures, spending time outdoors, educating, and opening the world to children through real-life in-person experiences. It’s all about creating lasting memories together, bonding families for life.



What are good family vacations? 


Our selected destinations for family tours are:


  • Iguazù’s National Park 

Iguazú offers a great variety of activities and experiences that will create ever-lasting memories for sure. Close-encounter with nature and wildlife, within a safe environment, is what Iguazú knows best. Chosen as one of the 7 New Natural Wonders of the World, speechless views are guaranteed. Walkways or boat trips are available for families to get to know the falls as near as they can safely go. Jungle adventure is in every corner! And for all ages! You can visit wildlife refuges, go trekking, ride the Ecological Train, 4×4 jeep ride, mountain bike or even Argentinian cooking lessons are available!


  • Patagonia

Patagonia vacation is a gift for families. Even though Patagonia might seem like a destination for high-risk adventure activities, it is full of family-friendly activities as well!  Horseback riding, easy walks, and navigations are just some of the safest experiences for the little ones in this region we recommend.


  • Buenos Aires

On the other hand, the city awaits! The cosmopolitan capital city of Argentina is a mandatory stop in your family trip itinerary. Interactive, artistic, or historical museums are placed all over the city. Great variety of restaurants where the whole family can experience high-quality local food. All in one trip! Outdoor activities can be done in the green zones such as The Botanical Garden, the Bosques of Palermo, and the Planetary with a beautiful lake full of small ducks, among others.


Patagonia vacation & Family road trips


Planning a Patagonia vacation with your family can be a fun experience. Traveling in your own car gives you great independence for stopping whenever you need, and staying as long as you want at spots you find amusing or interesting. One of the greatest road trips for families in Argentina is the Route of the 7 Lakes (Ruta de Los 7 Lagos) in Patagonia! 


Some tips to take into consideration in your Patagonia vacation on the road:

  • If you see a gas station, always use the opportunity to fill up your tank.
  • Always respect traffic signs (a dictionary in Spanish comes in handy), and use seatbelts and baby chairs in order to have a safe family trip on the road. 
  • Travel in comfortable clothes as you will probably stop many times to sit on the ground and enjoy a picnic while staring at a breathtaking view!
  • Take shifts to drive. Distances can be quite long between destinations.  
  • Drink mate! Our national tea-type drink will help to keep you alert. 

Family Vacation: Multigenerational Trips

Have you ever thought “well, I find this trip very interesting, but Grandpa won’t feel the same way neither will the kids”? Multigenerational trips can be the answer and Argentina is a perfect country to enjoy your vacations!

This kind of family vacation suggests choosing versatile different activities that may be easily adaptable to kids, teenagers, adults, or seniors throughout the whole trip. The key is accurate knowledge about destinations that are up to the multigenerational proposal. Most trips offered by the travel industry target a traditional family model (2 middle-aged grown-ups and 2 kids). That’s when we come in: We are here to provide you with our expertise and knowledge to plan a meaningful vacation for the whole family adapted to all tastes. Nobody stays at home anymore!


Where to go for family trips 

Our top multigenerational family vacation destinations are: 


  • Mendoza

Vineyards, amazing landscapes, and soft adventure hikes await the whole family. Kids can learn about local art techniques from a professional artist, and make their own Mendoza souvenir to take back home. The Land of Wine is a great experience for adults to acknowledge how wine is done, and of course taste the most high-level wines around the globe! 


  • El Chaltén and El Calafate

A family Patagonia vacation must include El Chaltén and E Calafate. This region invites families to experience the combination of nature and local tradition. El Calafate boasts the Perito Moreno day trip that comes in its softer hiking version. El Chaltén is famous for its many hiking trails to falls, lakes, and viewpoints (to Mount Fitz Roy!). These are self-guided experiences so you can choose whether to take a low or high-difficulty path, the duration and distance you can or want to put up with. 

Make sure to include in your Patagonia vacation with your family a visit to an “Estancia”, a family ranches where Guacho’s (Argentinian cowboys) work. For multigenerational trips, these two are the perfect location: while adults enjoy a glass of wine with local food, children and teenagers can go horse-riding, shearing a sheep, or playing the vast Patagonian landscapes.


  • Ushuaia

Meeting the End of The World with the whole family on your multigenerational Patagonia vacation? Yes! Ushuaia is ready for you! This legendary destination offers the opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind experience: Enjoy a close encounter with penguins. Boats will take you to see these amazing animals within a safe environment for kids and adults. You may also enjoy riding the End of The World train, a thematic train that passes through the Tierra del Fuego National Park. High-level gastronomy is also available for the whole to enjoy. 


Our Specialized Guides for Travelers of Different Ages

Our guides are trained to engage with children and spark their interest, making each day of the trip an adventure full of laughing and learning. We focus on creating immersive travel experiences adapted to all ages for everyone to enjoy! 


Family trips with baby

When traveling with babies, the key is picking the right destination that offers the correct commodities for them, for example, booking mainly stroller-friendly activities is advisable.  A great destination for family trips with babies is Iguazú National Park. It features walkways and common areas adapted for strollers, kid-friendly accommodations and activities that will make your trip with your little explorer an adventure of a lifetime!


Family Vacation with infants  

Toddlers are curious but still young, so amusing but safe experiences shall be chosen! Close-encounter with local wildlife in a safe environment is an excellent choice for them. Visiting traditional “Estancias” (ranches) near Buenos Aires city is a great plan for families with infants. Here the little ones are going to be able to learn about the Gaucho culture: They will enjoy farming activities such as cattle branding, dressage or milking, sheep shearing, and herding. This will be a deep and meaningful experience.


Family trips with young adults

Teenagers need adrenaline and 24/7 activities in order not to get bored, right? And of course, accommodation with WiFi is a non-negotiable perk. So, taking these into account, think of planning a family Patagonia vacation and head to El Calafate. El Calafate involves exploring nature first-handed like hiking on the Perito Moreno’s Glacier. Also, delicious local food shall not be forgotten at all! Patagonic Lamb and homemade chocolate and “alfajores” will make your trip tasty! Horseback riding and 4×4 adventure safaris will be hard to ignore for intrepid young adults.


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