Family Trips

Experts in Family Adventures since 1999

Our tours for families feature activities for kids of all ages and travel experiences to be in contact with nature. Learn, play, and strengthen family bonds in a transformational travel experience.


Whta is a family trip?

A family trip is designed with family hotels with connected or continuous rooms, or that allow children to share the room with parents, with specialized guides and tours suitable for the whole family. For families who seek to combine a sense of adventure, commitment to the locals and a taste for the best things in life; those who like to broaden their horizons and relax in beautiful surroundings.

How are the accommodations?

Hotels that have triple and quadruple rooms, that have double adjoining rooms, connected by a doorway. In those accommodations where connected rooms are not available, adjacent rooms, and rooms on the same floor can be booked.

Are attractions adapted for strollers?

Some attractions are adapted and others are not, but in the family tours you visit the attractions that are suitable for strollers.

How much in advance a family trip should be booked?

The same time as with other trips, the earlier you book the better if you want connected rooms (as there are few of these rooms in each hotel) or if you want a specific hotel. Everything is subject to availability and it is best to book as early as possible.

Is it possible to travel with children of any age?

Yes, there are activities for all ages, young children, school children and teenagers.

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