Family Holidays

Ready for a family holiday of a lifetime? Argentina is one of the best multigenerational destinations where the whole family regardless of their age can enjoy a great variety of activities such as close encounters with wildlife, discovering hiking trails in Patagonia, or going canoeing on pristine lakes. It is the perfect way to introduce your kids to new cultures by spending quality time with them.


Argentina is located in South America and is home to many Natural Wonders, such as Iguazú Falls, Perito Moreno Glacier, Iberá Marshlands, and much more! Its capital city is Buenos Aires, the jumping-off point for any of your Argentinian adventures. Argentina’s currency is the Argentinian Peso, and the country is known for its national dance, Tango, but also for its exquisite local cuisine. Full of adventures for the whole family, this destination will never disappoint you. If you are truly looking forward to an unforgettable family holiday you have found the perfect travel guide!



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Eating & Drinking

Eating & Drinking

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Tips & Advice

Tips & Advice

Family Holidays Packages

Our family holiday packages are specifically designed for all family members. Our Travel advisors make sure that all the activities fit with these multigenerational trips. People of all ages will have fun, have close encounters with animals, keep in contact with nature, learn about new cultures, and of course have quality time together, something very important in a family trip. 


These are some of our recommended family travel itineraries.

What are Family Holidays?

Family holidays are a great opportunity for children to grow an open-minded vision of the world, and for the whole family to connect with nature and learn all about different and interesting local cultures. Is the best way to bond as a family. Create everlasting memories as you explore and discover unique places of the globe while enjoying incredible landscapes, close encounters with local wildlife, and tasting local dishes you will never forget!

Family Holidays without a Car

Public transportation is a great way to explore Argentina too, especially in Buenos Aires where you have plenty of options such as Subway, Metrobus, or Taxi. This kind of transportation is less stressful than driving in the Big City, and you will be able to enjoy all the activities Buenos Aires has to offer. Anyway, the whole country is connected by bus, and you have many options to travel around it.

Family Holidays with dogs

Of course, we know dogs are part of the family, and Argentina is full of pet-friendly options to explore and discover this land with your fur friend. Anyways, if you are planning on visiting National Parks in Argentina, you have to know that unluckily pets entry is not allowed.

Family Holidays for Toddlers

Argentina offers many opportunities to travel with families and of course with toddlers. Buenos Aires and Iguazú are the best options if you are traveling with toddlers. Kids can enjoy lots of interactive activities like visiting local ranches where they will be able to meet and feed farm animals or stare at the Iguazú Falls as walkaways are stroller accessible. Both destinations offer close encounters with local wildlife within a safe and controlled environment – little explorers fun guaranteed! 

Family Holidays with Waterpark

A great family trip idea during your family vacation is to visit a waterpark. Some of the waterparks you will find in Argentina are:

  • Aquafan: located in Tigre, near Buenos Aires City
  • Patagonia Splash: located in Neuquen
  • Salto Grande: in Concordia, Entre Ríos


Let this splashy adventure begin!



Family Holidays

We are committed to several sustainable projects in order to provide a memorable journey for our explorers to preserve nature and respect the local communities we partner with.


Compensation for CO2 Emissions


  • In Partnership with South Pole through the Adventure Travel Association, we are the first travel company in Argentina to compensate for all the CO2 emissions you’ll make during your trip when traveling by land.


 Plant a tree


  • In Partnership with Reforestarg, we stand against deforestation, planting and donating trees in damaged zones of Patagonia (consequence mainly of forest fires) helping at the same time to compensate for our carbon footprint


You can volunteer yourself for “tree-planting ceremonies” (which can be arranged at specific destinations in your itinerary) or you can also donate a native tree for each passenger who travels to Patagonia.


We plant trees to compensate for our CO2 Emissions and so far, between 2018 and 2020 we sowed 60.660.550.


Plastic Free


  • We decided to encourage our local operators and travelers to bring their own reusable bottles and gear to reduce this impact. Also, in our offices, we apply this plastic-free philosophy!


Say Hueque’s Offices


  • We collect and recycle non-reusable batteries.
  • Nearly 60 people work in our offices, and we all decided to bring reusable bowls to have lunch.
  • We compost! Reduce waste, please



Local Community


  • We are committed to helping our travelers connect with locals and encouraging local businesses by working with local transportation, restoring, and accommodation companies.


Climate Emergency Declaration & Future of Tourism


  • We have signed the initiative of the Tourism Declares Climate Emergency, and also the Guiding Principles of Future of Tourism, a group of six NGOs that work together to promote a new consciousness of the change our industry needs.


Sustainable family holidays


  • Enjoy time all together as a family while taking care of our Planet – sounds like an adventure, huh? SomosVersova is a non-profit organization that looks forward to cleaning the riverbanks of the Rio de la Plata, in the neighborhood of San Isidro, located 30-minute driving distance from Buenos Aires. Games, activities, and prices are also part of this fun and ecological adventure. So, let’s get these eco-holidays started!


Sustainability tips


Useful tips to be a responsible traveler:


  • Take your reusable bag when you go shopping.
  • Choose to consume local products from artisans and small producers.
  • Use a bike or walk to explore the city, it is healthy and reduces carbon footprints.
  • When you go on an excursion, ask for food without plastic wrap.
  • Don’t leave trash in nature.
  • Take a reusable bottle with you.
  • Don’t feed native wildlife.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.