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Lesley Lambert

We had a fab experience

We had a fab experience and everything was great. For such a busy and extensive trip I am so glad that you planned everything so well for us. The tours were all fantastic, very personable, polite, knowledgeable and helpful guides. The best part was getting off the plane in Ushuaia and seeing our name on a board for a taxi ride. It was not on our list but was SO appreciated as we were very tired by then.

We are so glad we extended our trip by a couple of days to include Atacama desert, that was amazing and very different for two Canadians used to the snow and cold.


Dmitry Pozhidaev

You made it truly enjoyable and unforgettable

We’re writing to thank SayHueque for the preparation of our tour and . You made it truly enjoyable and unforgettable. We liked all parts of this tour: the cities and the falls, rain forests and monuments, rivers and piranha fishing 😊

Thanks to our friendly and knowledgeable guides, we were able to see much more than ordinary tourists in groups. You made us feel like VIPs throughout this tour.

A couple of points that could have improved our experiences :

It would be good to have prior information about the start and duration of activities like the Tango Show in Buenos Aires.

Travel class on domestic flights, where the flight are longer than 2 hours, it would be good if the travelers were given an option of the business class (of course, it’s up to them if they want to pay extra or not).

Alternative options for bad weather. Of course, weather is beyond our control, and some guides really tried to make the best of it even when the weather was miserable. But it would be good to have a clear plan B for bad weather, particularly if the customers are known to visit the country during the rainy season (as was the case with us in Rio).

But these are minor points that don’t spoil the overall very positive impression. We enjoyed the trip and are very grateful to you and your colleagues. We’ll certainly recommend Say Hueque as a reliable and experienced tour agency to our colleagues and friends.


Ron & Cheryl Brooks

Thank everyone for their hard work

We would like to thank everyone for their hard work in putting this trip together.
The trip went smoothly and we really enjoyed the many beautiful spots we visited.



This was very special

I really truly would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this once in a life experience.
We are travelers and visited many places. Liked all of them and had a good time everywhere but this was very special.
Everything worked perfect to the point.

Everything My husband asked for(I hope not too much) was done in a terrific way.
Your recommendation for the hotel in Ushuaia was amazing. A nice way to finish this great trip.

I will always recommend you to whoever would have the desire to visit Patagonia.
Thanks again and continue the good work.


Jackie Quirk

All of the guides were wonderful

Nearly all of the guides were wonderful.

I don’t remember the name of the guide who took us to El Chaltén but we appreciated that he took us seriously as trekkers and suggested a slightly longer trek with beautiful views. We thoroughly enjoyed that trek!

And we also were very happy with our guide in Tiera del Fuego. She was very lively, knowledgeable and provided us with a couple of wonderful hike and a delicious lunch. We loved all she knew about the birds, trees and geology on the area.


Achi Ludomirsky

Professionalism, dedication and friendship

I don't know where to start to describe our amazing trip.
Your professionalism, dedication and friendship are at the utmost level possible. We had a great time. The day schedule was well balanced between long and short trips which allowed us to spend our time efficiently and enjoyable.
Your guides, drivers were all polite and helpful.

The Arakur hotel in Ushuaia had Amazing views, luxury and restaurant.

At Torres del Paine the dream comes true. The excursions, guides and the facility were great. The half day excursion Patagonia was not as exciting as the other options.

In Ushuaia all excursions were great. If you take both the Beagle and the Penguins trips on the same day it is advised to let the people know to take lunch with them since there is no time between the two excursions and you return to Ushuaia around 9:30 PM.

I Recommend to be in Buenos Aires on Sunday. We had a great time spending time in the open markets.


Katie Connelly

Our itinerary was thoughtfully put together

The company was very insightful and we felt our itinerary was thoughtfully put together.

We really liked the L Hotel. It had a great feel & location. The staff were very helpful and nice.

The hotel in El Chalten was nice and close to the trails. They even made special gluten free bread for me without me even asking – they just brought it out when I came to breakfast.

The hotel in El Calafate was very nice and had the best breakfast. The hotel in Puerto Natales was supposed to have a restaurant, but actually does not even though their website indicates they do. This did make it somewhat tricky to find a place to eat on Christmas for dinner. There are pictures on the website of a pool – it’s still there, but definitely needs some care put into it. Great location.

We really enjoyed all of the tours. For the itinerary, we really enjoyed the vast majority of things picked and enjoyed the fact that everything was planned for us already. The tours were very good and the guides were all knowledgeable. I can’t pick a favorite place since they were all so unique and special in their own way.

There were a couple of changes we would recommend. We arrived in Chile around 10pm on Christmas Eve – the ATM at the bus station didn’t work, the money exchange places were not open. But even if we did have Chilean pesos, there were no cabs, so we had to walk to our hotel. It was doable, but not ideal with our bags.

We did not realize the New Years Eve was mainly spent with family or outside of Buenos Aires and that so many businesses would be closed. Luckily our hotel found a restaurant close by we could get into for a meal and celebration. We were unaware that EVERYTHING would be closed on new years day in Buenos Aires. Had we known this, we probably would have flown home 31 Dec instead on 1 Jan.


Ellen Stern

We loved Argentina!

We loved Argentina! The people were so very kind and the parts of the country that we saw are beautiful. We really enjoyed the food. (I’m going to try my hand at making empanadas). We went on many hikes and took tons of photos.

All the hotels were very comfortable and clean. The staff at the desks were helpful and friendly. The hotel at Torres del Paine was extra special and a real treat.

The car rental worked out very well. Being able to travel on our own schedule was so much better than being on a tour (which we had planned to do before Covid hit and Chile closed its borders).

We can’t thank you enough for the planning and all the arrangements made for us. We had a truly memorable time in the beautiful Argentina.

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