Trekking Torres del Paine “W” Circuit

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  • Discover and enjoy nature on this multi day hike through Torres del Paine National Park and its most famous hiking circuit.
  • Hike through beech forests, blue-water lakes and colossal mountains, and stay at different campsites inside the park.

How does it feel to sleep between the mountains and starlit skies? There is only one way to find out… tackle the most amazing hiking circuit in this 5-day tour to Torres del Paine National Park and unveil the mystery. Hike to discover the famous granite Paine Towers and the magnificent Paine Horns, all while enjoying breathtaking vegetation and wildlife.



Torres del Paine

  • Transfer from your hotel to Puerto Natales bus station
  • Bus from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park - Free Day


  • Transfer from your hotel to Puerto Natales bus station

Today, your ultimate adventure in Patagonia begins; the W Circuit in Torres del Paine National Park. This protected area, declared a Natural Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, is visited by thousands of travelers each year. But not all of them venture to complete the 5-day W Circuit, named after the shape the circuit depicts on the map.

The journey starts with a pick-up from your hotel and a transfer to the bus station of Puerto Natales. 


  • Bus from Puerto Natales to Torres del Paine National Park – Free Day

In the bus station, take a 3-hour regular bus towards the main entrance of Laguna Amarga, where a shuttle will take you to Las Torres Campsite to spend your first night inside Torres del Paine National Park. You’ll have the rest of the day to explore the surroundings.    

Our recommendation: You can enjoy a 1hr 30min easy walk to reach the Nordenskjöld Lake shore (watch out for the wind!), or visit the first organic vegetable garden in the area (at Hotel Las Torres), and learn about the specific techniques used to grow vegetables under the challenging Patagonian weather conditions. 


Say Hueque Tips

  • What is the weather like in Torres del Paine?

As in any Patagonian spot, weather can change from hot sunny mornings to cold freezing nights, all in one day. The best way to fight the Patagonian weather fluctuations is to “dress as an onion” (wear layers; thermal and waterproof underwear are always a good choice), bring a really good rucksack cover and dry bags (really useful to keep your bag and clothes dry) and, much smaller but not less important, a buff! (which can be used as sweat-band and scarf).




Hiking in Torres del Paine National Park
The fabulous granite skyscrapers

  • Base Las Torres Hike


  • Base Las Torres Hike

Wake up and breathe in; the smell of adventure is in the air. Today you’ll take the most famous hiking trail of the park to reach “the fabulous 3”: the Torres del Paine granite walls, Torre Norte, Torre Sur and the kingly Torre Central. You’ll depart from Las Torres Refuge and return to the same spot, so we recommend that you start at around 8 am, so you don’t waste any daylight and avoid crowds. This is a 10-hour, high difficulty hike.

First, you’ll cross the Ascencio Valley on a 2-hour walk through green steps, uneven pathways and beech forests until reaching El Chileno Refuge. From here, take a 1hr 30min fairytale-path crossing a forest of unbelievably tall and thick lenga trees and reach the base of the moraine, a steep mass of  boulders.

Behind them you’ll find the iconic towers, reflecting their stunning image in a blue-water lagoon. Enjoy your boxed lunch in this hiker’s heaven (you may see a red fox or two…), and then backtrack along the same way.

The highlights of this hiking trail are:

  • The Torres del Paine (9000 ft)
  • Lake Nordenskjöld
  • Almirante Nieto Mount
  • Ascencio Valley
  • Nido de Condor Hill


Say Hueque Tips

  • Things you shouldn’t forget…

A small rucksack, a reusable water bottle (you can fill it up in any river) and your hiking poles. When you’re walking, look up to the sky! These are the lands of the majestic condor, the biggest flying land-birds on Earth.




Hiking in Torres del Paine Tour:
The Great Horns

  • Hiking to Los Cuernos campsite


  • Hiking to Los Cuernos Campsite

Today you’ll take all your hiking gear and move to the next stop: Los Cuernos Campsite. This is a 5-hour, moderate difficulty hike, that starts with a relaxing walk through a non-challenging trail called Paso de Los Cuernos. Move along the enchanting Nordenskjöld Lake with its beautiful views of Mount Almirante Nieto as an amazing backdrop.

Cross the bridge over Arrero and Bader River to reach the campsite, lying at the base of the second rocky highlight of the park: The Paine Horns. Enjoy the views of these three outstanding black and white mountains which stand over the valley like two massive orca whales, spot hanging glaciers, and discover the great variety of native vegetation.  


The highlights of this hiking trail are:

  • Paine Horns (8500 ft)
  • Lake Nordenskjöld
  • Almirante Nieto Mount
  • Bader Valley


Say Hueque Tips

  • Relax and enjoy

Enjoy a late breakfast, and sleep in to recover your strength from the Base Torre Hike, and prepare for the hike to the French Valley tomorrow. Today, you won’t waste much energy! Enjoy the tranquility and amazing backdrop of Los Cuernos Campsite on an easy and beautiful trail. Keep in mind that it can get really muddy after the rain, so if you’re departing on a cloudy day, you have to be prepared!




Hiking in Torres del Paine National Park
The Heart of Torres del Paine

  • French Valley hike


  • French Valley Hike

After breakfast, start this 10-hour, high difficulty walk heading to Italiano Campsite at the entrance of French Valley. Warm up with the first 2hr 30min of easy trail until the bridge over the French River. Leave your heavy luggage at the Italiano Campsite, outside the rangers office (with the rucksack cover on top in case of rain), take your small backpack and head to the French viewpoint (1hr 30min) through a woody-trail, and discover hanging glaciers.

The last part of this hike will lead you even deeper into the valley, to the Británico Campsite and it’s amazing viewpoint. Continue hiking for 3 hours to the upper side of the valley and reach Británico viewpoint; you have reached the core of Paine Massif! Relax and enjoy the views, and discover the imposing Mount Fortaleza. Return by taking the same trail back to Italiano Campsite and continue walking for 3 more hours to reach Paine Grande Campsite. Walk along the north face of Skottsberg Lake, while admiring a couple of old friends, the Paine Horns.

The highlights of this hiking trail are:

  • French Valley
  • Italiano Campsite
  • Mount Paine Grande
  • Mount Aleta de Tiburon (Shark’s Fin)
  • Mount Hoja (Blade)
  • (and many others… )


Say Hueque Tips

  • How to prepare for the longest hike of the journey?

This is the longest hike of the journey, so we recommend that you start a little bit earlier this morning, at around 8 am. When you reach the French Viewpoint, be ready to witness an incredible spectacle; you may even see avalanches! Also enjoy the views of the French River along the way, where you’ll have the chance to see huemules (the southern Andean deer).




The end of your Torres del Paine adventure -
The Southern Ice Fields

  • Hike to Grey Glacier


  • Hike to Grey Glacier

This is the last day of your tour in Torres del Paine and the W Circuit. You will take a 10-hour, moderate difficulty hike. Hit the trail, passing by Mount Paine Grande, Lake Pehoé, and Los Patos (The Ducks) Lagoon, where you’ll find the first viewpoint and the highest spot in the trail. Watch out for your beanie! This is a very windy area.

On the way, you’ll also discover the diverse native vegetation and wildlife, walk among Coigües woods and enjoy the whistling of more than 115 Patagonian species of birds. Reach the second Glacier Grey Viewpoint (the second highlight of the day) and catch your breath; a lake full of floating icebergs is waiting for you. Backtrack to Pehoé Lake and embark on a 30min trip to cross the lake and reach Pudeto area, where you’ll board your bus back to Puerto Natales.

The highlights of this hiking trail are:

  • Glacier Grey
  • Lake Pehoé
  • Mount Paine Grande


Say Hueque Tips

Hiking recommendations for your last day in Torres del Paine:

  • For the last hike of your journey, we recommend that you start walking at 7 am, so you’ll have enough time to take the catamaran on your way back. It’s really important that you take into account the departure time of the catamarán later in the day. You can leave most of your luggage at Paine Grande Refuge.  
  • If you have still doubts on what to bring on your W Torres del Paine Journey, check out this video on our Instagram account!

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  • Transfers and tours mentioned in the itinerary
  • Daily breakfast
  • Meals according to itinerary: Boxed lunch (day 2, 3, 4, 5), dinner (day 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Transportation in regular buses (public) from Puerto Natales – Torres del Paine – Puerto Natales
  • Shuttle (public) from Laguna Amarga main entrance to Las Torres sector
  • Catamaran Pehoé (lake crossing from Pehoé sector until Pudeto sector to connect with the regular transportation to Puerto Natales)


  • National Park, Reserve Entrance Fees
  • International or domestic flights
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  • Bilingual guide (English/ Spanish)


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