Treasures of The Andes

Our Mendoza tours will showcase the Cordillera de los Andes, the Backbone of South America, and take you to discover the wine roads of Argentina.


Can I taste wine in Mendoza?

Of course! In fact, Mendoza is the capital of the Argentinean Wine Country. The wines produced in this province are world-famous.

What are the best type of wine produced in Mendoza?

The most famous is the Malbec. Other red wines produced in Mendoza are the Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. You can also find a big production of white wine such as Chennin and Chardonnay (cheers!).

What are the best vineyards to visit in Mendoza?

There is really a lot of vineyards in the area and each one has its charm. They are divided into traditional time-honored vineyards, which are in most cases still run by relatives of the original founders, boutique vineyards, exclusive and specialized wine hubs, and modern vineyards where new types of wine are created. They are placed in three differnet regions: Valle de Uco, Luján de Cuyo and Valle del Maipú.

What are the main attractions in Mendoza?

The wine road and its multiple vineyards. Mendoza is also known for the lovers of adventure tourism: In Mendoza, Mount Aconcagua can be seen (the highest in the world after the Himalayas), you can go hiking or rafting in San Rafael and also you can visit the famous Puente del Inca.

What is the best time to travel to Mendoza?

From March to September (from Autom to Spring). In March there is the Anual Harvest Festival, and during winter the snowy landscapes are amazing to see. Summer is also a good time to travel through is high season.

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