Treasures of The Andes

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Our Mendoza tours showcase the Cordillera de los Andes, the Backbone of South America, and take you to discover the wine roads of Argentina.

If you love wine, nature, or hiking, a Mendoza vacation is the perfect choice.

Can I taste wine in Mendoza?

Of course! In fact, Mendoza is the capital of the Argentinean Wine Country. The wines produced in this province are world-famous.

What are the best vineyards to visit in Mendoza?

There is really a lot of vineyards in the area and each one has its charm. They are divided into traditional time-honored vineyards, which are in most cases still run by relatives of the original founders, boutique vineyards, exclusive and specialized wine hubs, and modern vineyards where new types of wine are created. They are placed in three differnet regions: Valle de Uco, Luján de Cuyo and Valle del Maipú.

What is the best time to travel to Mendoza?

From March to September (from Autom to Spring). In March there is the Anual Harvest Festival, and during winter the snowy landscapes are amazing to see. Summer is also a good time to travel through is high season.

What are the best type of wine produced in Mendoza?

The most famous is the Malbec. Other red wines produced in Mendoza are the Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. You can also find a big production of white wine such as Chennin and Chardonnay (cheers!).

What are the main attractions in Mendoza?

The wine road and its multiple vineyards. Mendoza is also known for the lovers of adventure tourism: In Mendoza, Mount Aconcagua can be seen (the highest in the world after the Himalayas), you can go hiking or rafting in San Rafael and also you can visit the famous Puente del Inca.

What can you do in Mendoza if you don't drink wine?

There are plenty of experiences in Mendoza for those who don’t drink wine! You can visit the Aconcagua Mountain, do White Water Rafting, go skiing at Las Leñas Ski Center in winter or even experience the Thermal Hot Springs.

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What to Do on a Mendoza Trip?


Mendoza is located at the base of the Andes mountains to the west of Argentina. It was the historical starting point of the Andean Liberation Army and today not only is home to some of the finest wine routes in the world (an exclusive site for wine lovers!) but also a top-rate mountain climbing destination. Mendoza Tours are also famous for their perfect wine tastings and are the perfect way to enjoy Argentina’s amazing selections. With many international gourmet restaurants, European-style cafes, and boutique hotels, it is no wonder that Mendoza trips are so popular!

Apart from the viniculture, Mendoza is home to incredibly scenic mountains, including  Aconcagua Mountain, the western hemisphere’s tallest at 6,962 meters (22,841 feet). With a plethora of adventurous activities that are available, Mendoza is an outdoor lover’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventure activities or relaxing wine tours, Mendoza is the epitome of Argentine culture.

Destinations to Combine With Mendoza Tours


Buenos Aires

Famously called the ‘Paris of South America’, this city is brimming with places and tourist attractions you wouldn’t want to miss out on, a perfect match for Mendoza tours. Buenos Aires sits on the western coast of Río de la Plata. This city’s name means “good airs”, but the former was inspired by an Italian virgin. It has a rich cultural, historic, and architectural legacy that has been constructed by generations of Spanish, Italians, Germans and Russian immigrants. Beautiful architecture, European-styled outdoor cafes, great shopping, resto-bars, wine, steak, etc. We recommend staying at least 5 days to wander the streets, the many cafés and taste the delicious meat for which Argentina is famous worldwide.


El Calafate

Located on the shore of Argentino Lake, El Calafate is the gateway for Argentine Patagonia. This city is home to giant glaciers, icy lakes, remote estancias and no shortage of breathtaking views accompanying outdoor excursions such as trekking, kayaking and horse riding. El Calafate and its glaciers (around 47 in the park) were discovered at the end of the XIX century. Today, El Calafate offers the famous Perito Moreno Glacier, boat trips in Argentino Lake, day tours to Patagonia ranches to learn about the rural culture, visits to El Chaltén and Mount Fitz Roy to enjoy amazing views and adventure hikes and other activities. This is a small city, really easy to get around on foot, and it has beautiful lake views. The nearest airport counts with a good flight frequency, this is the easiest way to reach El Calafate.


Iguazú Falls

A fantastic destination to combine with Mendoza tours is the Argentine jungle. Iguazú means big water in Guarani, which is a fitting name for the deafening roar this beast of a natural waterfall showcases. The falls are shared by two countries, Brazil and Argentina. Both Brazil and Argentina have National Parks devoted to them, and they are sufficiently different in character to each merit a visit. Waterfalls are always a somewhat magical phenomenon and make every hike a little more special than just walking on a trail. And when you have some of the largest waterfalls in the world placed in a tropical jungle climate, the phenomenon takes on a whole different level of incredible! That is what it is like to experience Iguazu Falls.


Northern Argentina

This is one of the most beautiful and unexplored regions of Argentina, known for its sophisticated appeal, this region has become a favorite among curious travelers. Salta and Jujuy are the main provinces known as “the North”.  Salta, founded in 1582, is the starting point to explore northern Argentina. From this city, travelers hit the road towards the stunning Calchaquíes Valley and the city of Cafayate, the hometown of Torrontés wine. The province of Jujuy, located at the north of Salta, features the Humahuca Gorge, declared World Heritage by UNESCO and the Great Salt Flats, a white paradise that all should visit once in their life! 


Santiago de Chile

Santiago was founded in 1541 by the Spanish crown, is the capital of Chile and the largest city in the country. It’s located in the Central Valley and it features an amazing mixture of art deco and neo-gothic architecture with fantastic views of the Andes Mountain Range. Some of the attractions of Santiago are art collections of pre-Columbian and contemporary art, local markets, beautiful parks like Cerro Santa Lucía and the Mapocho River that flows through the city. There are other attractions you can visit near the city like Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, where most locals prefer to spend their summer vacation. Santiago is located just one hour away from vineyards and the Pacific Ocean.

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