Vacation with Young Children in Argentina: Falls & Mountains

Vacation with Young Children in Argentina: Falls & Mountains


Buenos Aires - Iguazú Falls - Mendoza

from 4285 USD

Buenos Aires - Iguazú Falls - Mendoza

days 10
  • Land in Buenos Aires, Argentina’s capital, to discover the tango culture, 
  • Fly to Iguazú Falls to explore the Argentine jungle and Brazil’s exotic wildlife (the falls are spread over both countries!).
  • Enjoy our family-friendly tours through the Argentinian ‘Wine Road’ and discover the delicious gastronomy of Mendoza
  • Best time to travel: All year round

Traveling to Argentina with young children has never been so easy! In this 10-day family vacation, you will explore Buenos Aires and the history of European immigrants, then continue your trip to the rainforest, and finally, visit the famous vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina’s wine country where you’ll mingle with locals.     

Day 1

Your Argentina Family Vacation Starts in Buenos Aires

A view of the Pink House in Buenos Aires capital.


  • Transfer from the airport to the city

Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, we will meet you at the international airport and bring you on a private transfer to your hotel. Regardless of how early you land in the morning, your room will be ready upon arrival; early check-in is guaranteed. You’ll receive our Argentina Challenge Adventure Kit, the perfect tool to generate engagement between your children, the places they visit, the people they meet, and you!


  • 2-hour city tour around Buenos Aires

How do locals interact with their city? The best way to find out is to walk side-by-side with them… start your family vacation with a walking tour through Buenos Aires, and start discovering the city at your own pace with a local guide. 

Our guide will pick you up at your hotel and, over 2 hours, you will wander the district together. Depending on your hotel’s location and your interests, you can choose to explore either the Northern area of the capital, the aristocratic face of the city, filled with magnificent architecture, or the green spaces and bohemian culture of the trendiest area of the city. It’s up to you!

Enjoy the unscripted moments of chit-chat with your tour guide… and other locals you meet along the way! After all, we are chatty people. The icing on the cake will be tasting our world-famous ice cream! We recommend trying the dulce de leche ice cream flavor… you won’t go back to vanilla. By the end of this tour you will have a clearer picture of the district in which you’re staying; where the main supermarkets, pharmacies, and money exchanges are located. 


  • Why your kids will love it

“Why is there street art everywhere? And why do people move their hands like crazy when they talk?” Your kids will be glad to have a new person (besides their parents) to calm their curious minds. Our local guide, who specializes in family trips, will be more than happy to answer their questions in an engaging and friendly way.


  • Why you will love it

This is a personalized private tour, so you will be able to explore the city at your own pace, focusing on the personal interests of each member of the family. 

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A view of the Pink House in Buenos Aires capital.
Day 2

Discovery history of Buenos Aires city tour

A family playing with tango culture in Caminito Street, Buenos Aires.


  • 5-hour city tour in Buenos Aires

Continue your family vacation and enjoy with your children an especial 5-hour historic tour through the city’s ornate architecture with a private car at your disposal. We’ll pick you up at your hotel to spot the most important sites of the city and learn some fun facts, like why the Presidential Palace is pink, or the reason that houses in La Boca are so colorful. 

Visit San Telmo, the oldest residential neighborhood, with its classic cobblestone streets, and La Boca, where Buenos Aires turns colorful and tango is ever present; come to walk Caminito Street and dance with the locals. Your kids will love the many local souvenirs that are showcased on the streets, like mini tango dancers, the best handcrafted “fileteado” (a painting technique developed in Buenos Aires) and tango hats!

If you’re a soccer enthusiast, you’ll learn all about Argentina’s favorite fútbol (soccer) teams. Why is soccer such a passion for Argentinians? Well, only a true Argentinian can answer that question. Continue your full cultural immersion learning about our rich history as you speak with locals (known as Porteños) and learn fun facts about our fascinating past. At the end of your tour, we’ll take you back to your hotel.


  • Optional tango dinner and show in San Telmo

At night, you have the opportunity to enjoy a special evening at one of the traditional tango houses of Buenos Aires in San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood of the city, where all tango dancers used to gather. Taste Argentine Malbec wine paired with a juicy steak, and enjoy a 1-hour tango and folklore show with the best dancers and musicians in Buenos Aires. We also offer a babysitting service in case you would love to have an exclusive romantic dinner.


  • Why your kids will love it

This is a special tour for the youngest travelers since they will meet true tango dancers in Caminito, take pictures with them, and explore the “conventillos”, the old residences of the first immigrants to Buenos Aires. Discovering the spooky alleys of Recoleta Cemetery will be another kid’s favorite!


  • Why you will love it

You’ll be able to explore the city in a relaxing way (with a vehicle at your disposal) during the morning. When you travel with young children it’s important to be able to manage your time and get all the support that you need! That’s why our tour guide who specializes in family trips will be with you all the time, so you can fully enjoy the visit. After all, today you’ll see the most iconic districts of Buenos Aires and some of the monuments that make the city famous around the world.

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A family playing with tango culture in Caminito Street, Buenos Aires.
Day 3

Argentina’s Rural Culture - Estancia “El Ombú de Areco”

Local gaucho kid on a horse in Argentina.


  • Full-day tour to a ranch near Buenos Aire

Argentina is famous for its fútbol players, but also for the vastness of its green-tinted fields, best known as ‘La Pampa’. That endless land at the edge of the horizon is still home to the descendants of the first ‘gauchos’ (Argentine cowboys), who still care for and work the land as their ancestors taught them to.

There are still some ‘estancias’ (ranches) that preserve the gaucho traditions and are located in picturesque towns within the Buenos Aires province. One of the most alluring estancias is El Ombú de Areco, a colonial-style working ranch built in 1880 that is located in the town of San Antonio de Areco, where gaucho traditions are still palpable all around. Your family vacations in Argentina couldn’t be completed without a visit to Areco!

Today, we’ll pick you up at your hotel to begin a 9-hour visit to this time-honored ranch. Learn about the gaucho culture and traditions, strolling around the beautiful old streets, museums, and ancient pulperías (grocery stores) in San Antonio de Areco before heading to El Ombú. 

Once you’re in the estancia, enjoy a typical ‘asado’ (barbecue) before either a horseback ride in nature or a relaxing bike ride. For those who like to take things slow while on vacation, there is a peaceful swimming pool (only available in summer) and many sunny relaxation areas where you can take ‘la siesta’ (an afternoon nap). At the end of the day, we’ll take you back to your hotel in Buenos Aires.


  • Why kids will love it

Your kids will enjoy having free time for some unscheduled exploration of the area before enjoying one of the many available activities. They will be in contact with locals and their traditions, hear the enchanting sound of the ‘guitarra criolla’ (creole guitar), and witness the tight bond between a gaucho and his horse in a unique spectacle called the ‘Doma India’ (a non-aggressive form of horse training). 


  • Why you will love it

Walking through the old town of San Antonio de Areco will be like taking a time machine back to the colonial era. Also, the comforting facilities of El Ombú will provide adults with some quality relaxation time to unplug from the rapid pace of daily life. 

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Local gaucho kid on a horse in Argentina.
Day 4

From Buenos Aires to Iguazú Falls

Stunning view of Iguazú Falls and the jungle.


  • Transfer from your hotel to the airport

Today we’ll pick you up from your hotel in Buenos Aires and drive you to the airport to take your flight to Iguazú where your family vacation continues. 


  • Transfer from the airport to your hotel – Day at leisure

Upon arrival, you will be met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. Puerto Iguazú is a quaint, relaxing destination where you can share some quality family time. You’ll be impressed by the verdant landscape, covered in dense vegetation that is visible from the moment you step out of the airport. This little, relaxing town is the gateway to visiting the impressive Iguazú Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Take your time and settle in, check out the facilities, and explore your surroundings.

Puerto Iguazú is a popular destination for kids since, in addition to the incredible waterfalls and the exotic wildlife they will see during the daily outings, most of the hotels in town have a pool and a kid’s area, where they can spend some serious playing time meeting new friends, doing activities specially planned for each age and with the constant surveillance of the hotel’s staff specialized in childcare.  

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Stunning view of Iguazú Falls and the jungle.
Day 5

Iguazú Falls and Ecological train - Argentinian Side

A family possing in front of the Iguazú Falls!


  • Full-day visit to Iguazú Falls, Argentinian side

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…” After breakfast, we’ll begin your 8-hour adventure to the Argentine side of Iguazú Falls, where you will enjoy intimate views of this unforgettable section of the Iguazú River.

The falls are surrounded by a humid subtropical forest where the lush vegetation is home to a variety of different animals and birds. An experienced guide will help you to spot toucans, coatis (raccoon-like animals), butterflies, and more! They will guide you through the park to avoid crowds and discover the most awe-inspiring views. No man, woman, or child can hide their amazement at Iguazú’s 1.5 million liters of water cascading from heights of over 260 feet! 

During the day you will walk through the lower and upper walkways that allow visitors to get up close and personal with this magnificent spectacle of nature. To get to the most impressive views, you will hop aboard a picturesque ecological train that will transport you for 2 miles to the Devil’s Throat (the largest of the falls and for many the most spellbinding). At the end of this exciting tour, we’ll take you back to your hotel.


  •  Why your kids will love it

They will have the chance to wander around a myriad of paths and stairways surrounded by dense vegetation; there are more than 200 waterfalls to discover in the park — welcome to endless fun! Coatis-spotting (a type of native raccoon, which is everywhere) and the ecological train ride will be the other two highlights of the day!


  • Why you will love it

To begin, this is a stroller-friendly tour, so it is ideal for you to move around with your kids. In addition, you’ll get to see one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, all while assisted by a knowledgeable local expert. This is one of the most visited attractions of Argentina and can be difficult to navigate, so the help of a tour guide will be more than helpful for you to relax and truly enjoy the visit. For most people, being in front of the powerful falls is a very touching experience between oneself and pure nature.

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A family possing in front of the Iguazú Falls!
Day 6

Iguazú Falls, Parque das Aves - Brazilian Side

wildlife of Iguazu Falls


  • Half-day visit to Iguazú Falls, Brazilian side, and Parque das Aves

Today we’ll pick you up at your hotel and take you on a 3-hour-long visit to Parque Nacional Do Iguaçu (Brazilian side) (Don’t forget to bring your passport!). While other overcrowded tour buses don’t make any stops other than the Park itself, you will be able to visit Parque Das Aves, an amazing aviary with species from all over Brazil. Here you’ll be able to walk amongst flying toucans, see butterflies of all sizes and colors, and discover birds you’ve never seen before. 

From Parque Das Aves, you can walk to the entrance of the Parque Nacional Do Iguaçu. Take a bus and head to the beginning of the only footbridge inside the park. While Argentina has 80% of the falls on its side, Brazil has the best panoramic views. 

You’ll be thrilled by the landscape, but this is also a great opportunity to learn about the region’s geography: rivers, waterfalls, jungles, and more! Walk around, accompanied by your guide, and enjoy the views of the massive Argentine waterfalls until you reach Floriano Waterfall, the natural highlight of this side, and the Salto Santa María, where it feels like you’re walking on the water.

Although you’ll be looking into Argentina, your feet will be on the ground in Brazil! Where does Argentina start and Brazil end? Well, it’s time to walk the line. Back from the footbridge, you’ll have some free time to use the restrooms, visit the gift shop, and take a special elevator to an especially high viewpoint. 


  • Why your kids will love it

Discovering exotic birds close-up at Parque Das Aves and taking a huge elevator to an especially high viewpoint to admire the immensity of Iguazú Falls are two experiences your kids will never forget! 


  • Why you will love it

This is a relaxing excursion, shorter than the previous one on the Argentine side. You’ll get to see a bit of Brazil, which is always an exotic and colorful destination, and have an adventure experience in the jungle, in a completely safe and informative way. 

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wildlife of Iguazu Falls
Day 7

From Iguazú Falls to Mendoza Wine Country

A couple and a toddler enjoying Mendoza vineyards.


  • Transfer from your hotel to the airport / Transfer from the airport to your hotel

Continue your family vacations in Argentina traveling to Mendoza. Today we’ll bring you to the local airport to take your flight — it’s time to fly to Wine Country! Upon arrival, we’ll be waiting to take you to your accommodation in Mendoza.  

Why come to Mendoza with your family? Because it’s the top eclectic destination in Argentina. From snow-capped mountains to untamed rivers and sunny vineyards, there is an option for every taste. Mendoza features the perfect combination of relaxing spas, serene walks amongst vineyards, and active tours (like horseback riding), all of which make Mendoza the perfect destination for memorable family trips.     


  • Visit a local farm in Maipú Valley

In the afternoon, prepare to share a special visit to a farm in Maipú Valley, one of the most important wine-producing regions of Mendoza. We’ll drive you from your hotel to the farm where Don Pepe and his family will be waiting to share their stories, culture, and traditions as the owners of this beautiful property.

This will be an educational experience for all members of the family, and especially meaningful for the youngest of the group since they will be in contact with the animals of the farm, learn about Argentinian rural traditions, and enjoy some unscheduled family outdoor playing.  

At midday, you’ll have time for lunch and taste the best local dishes – strongly influenced by the Mediterranean culture –. At the end of the day, we will drive you back to Mendoza.


  • Why your kids will love it

Animals and kids have always been natural playmates… kids can develop caring skills and learn to respect other forms of life when introduced to animals. Guided by the specialized staff they can play pretend like little farmers for a day!


  • Why you will love it

The visit to Don Pepe’s farm will be the perfect relaxing tour for your arrival day. This will be the perfect opportunity to chit-chat with locals and learn about the daily life of people from Mendoza. Enjoy a peaceful walk around the olive grove and the gardens.

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A couple and a toddler enjoying Mendoza vineyards.
Day 8

Wine and Cooking Class - Chacras de Coria


  • Explore the  Wine Road with your family

Wake up and keep on discovering the secrets of the beautiful Wine Road of Argentina! Today we’ll take you to Chacras de Coria. Upon arrival at the winery, you will meet the chef with his entire team.

While the adults taste some outstanding wines, children will enjoy some activities in the garden with a specialized assistant. Then, you will go all together to the organic garden to harvest fresh cooking ingredients. Prepare perfect empanadas and repulgues, and get children to become artists with dough.

Enjoy your hand-made lunch and pair it with the best wine. At the end of the day, we’ll take you back to your hotel in Mendoza.


  • Why kids will love it

Visiting the organic garden and becoming little chefs will be some of the highlights of this day!   


  • Why you will love it

You’ll be able to visit some of the most renowned wineries, the main purpose of coming to Mendoza! You’ll taste delicious wines.

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Day 9

Biking Through Vineyards

Biking tour through vineyards in Mendoza wine district


  • Enjoy a bike tour in the vineyards

In the morning we will pick you up at your hotel and prepare to get active, we will visit the vineyards in a very original way! We will leave the city and travel to the countryside where our bikes will be waiting; they will be our special means of transport for the next few hours.

We will take you through a few different vineyards, where the grapes that are used to make Chardonnay, Syrah, and Malbec grow. We will stop at each vineyard and enjoy a wine tasting of each of these varieties while a specialized guide will tell you all about the history of each grape in Argentina, the growing process (through special irrigation systems), and the different methods of production in each winery.

End this relaxing outing by enjoying a gourmet lunch before being driven to your hotel in Mendoza.


  • Why your kids & you will love it

Bikes are the perfect elements to create stronger family bonds. You will be riding as a team, guided by an expert, and explore safely every corner of the vineyards.

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Biking tour through vineyards in Mendoza wine district
Day 10

The End of Your Family Vacation in Argentina

Stunning view of the Andes Mountain Range and lake in Mendoza, Argentina.


  • Transfer from your hotel to the airport

During the morning we’ll pick you up from your hotel and drive you to the airport or bus station to leave beautiful Mendoza. Your family vacation in Argentina has come to an end.  

We know that all of those Argentina family travel memories we’ll last forever… so, why stop now? There are many more family travel itineraries you and your family could be interested in taking a look at. You won’t regret it!

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Stunning view of the Andes Mountain Range and lake in Mendoza, Argentina.
Prices per person
Accomodation INN & B&B

4285 USD

Accomodation Comfort

4750 USD

Accomodation Superior

5195 USD

Accomodation Luxury
  • Prices in US Dollars.
  • Valid until April 2025 (ask for prices at Christmas and New Year).
  • Prices are per person, based on 2 people in double occupancy. Single rates are available on request.
  • Flights are not included in the price but can be arranged on request.
  • Price per person family base – 4 passengers:

– Price for teen (age: 13-18) $ 3745

– Price for child (age: 2-12) $ 3355

  • 3-night accommodation in Buenos Aires
  • 3-night accommodation in Iguazú
  • 3-night accommodation in Mendoza
  • Daily breakfast
  • Meals according to the itinerary: lunch on days 2, 3, 8.
  • Transfers & transportation  mentioned in the itinerary
  • Argentina Challenge Adventure Kit
  • Bilingual guide (English/Spanish)
not included
  • International or domestic flights
  • National Park entrance fees
  • Travel / Medical Insurance – Follow this link to get a free quote (only available for U.S. Travelers)
  • Brazilian Visa- Citizens of some nationalities (excepting US, Canada, Japan and Australia) are required to present a tourist visa to enter Brazil. Please check the requirements with the consulate of your country. If you need any other information check this link
  • Iguazú Eco Fee: this is a mandatory tax that you have to pay once you get to your hotel in Iguazú. It’s about $5 usd per guest, per night, and it varies according to your hotel category. Only cash is accepted.
Flights needed for this itinerary

plane-icon Buenos Aires - Puerto Iguazú - Mendoza

ESTIMATED COST FOR THE FLIGHTS ON THIS TRIP: Local flights cost from $150 per person per segment. We offer special rates on flights for this tailor-made itinerary.

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