Atacama Desert

The Empire of Stars

Our recommended tours to explore the Atacama Desert feature the natural highlights of the driest desert on Earth. Giant sand dunes, jagged canyons, enormous salt flats and boiling geysers, not to mention a smoking volcano…

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Is it possible to visit Atacama on summer?

Yes, all the explorations to the Atacama main destinations can be enjoy all year round.

Is it possible to do astrological experiences in the desert?

The Atacama Desert is considered the best place on the planet to observe the sky and develop astronomy. Because of its altitude, its low cloud cover and humidity, and the low light pollution, it is perfect for stargaze.

Can I suffer from altitude sickness in Atacama?

Yes, it is recommended to eat light meals, drink plenty of water and do not drink alcohol. It is recommended to do quiet activities the first days and more demanding explorations for the last days.

What is the climate like in the Atacama Desert?

The Atacama region is characterized by a semi-arid climate. At night the temperature fluctuates a lot, it can falls to -25 °C, and during the day rises between 25 and 50 °C. There is not much difference between summer and winter.

Why is the Atacama desert famous?

It is the driest non-polar desert on Earth. This ecoregion is rich in metallic mineral resources, such as copper (Chile is the largest producer in the world), iron, gold and silver, and non-metallic, such as boron, lithium, sodium nitrate and potassium salts.