Self-Drive Trips

Self-Drive Trips

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Self-Drive Trips

Our self-drive tours feature popular destinations like Patagonia, and Northern Argentina. Take the steering wheel and follow our travel experts' recommended self-drive circuits. Check out our self-drive vacation packages and enjoy our assistance while you hit the South American roads!

Itinerary briefing upon arrival with a local guide

24hs assistance throughout youy journey

Car rental with free KM & GPS

Accommodation with breakfast included

Our special Self-drive Kit, included


Are there automatic cars in Argentina?

Yes, there are, but there are very few. In some cities, there are some models and in others, the only option is to rent manual cars.

Is it possible to rent a car in Buenos Aires and drive around the country?

Yes, it is possible, but the distances are very long. The best is to fly to each destination and take the car you will use on those days at the airport. This way you will enjoy it more and it will be less exhausting.

Will I have internet connection during my trip?

To have internet you must buy a sim card from Argentina and charge it with money. However, there are some routes where you still won’t have good reception. The best thing is to have all the information you will need downloaded and analyzed the route and the stops you would like to make.

Are there gas stations anywhere in Argentina?

No, there are places where it is best to go with a full tank or even go with backup in the trunk, for example in Patagonia, where there are long deserted routes without fuel stations.

Which are the best destinations to rent a car through Argentina and Chile?

The North of Argentina (Salta and Jujuy), Bariloche and the lake area in Chile (Puerto Varas) and the area of El Calafate.

Is it easy to rent a car in Argentina?

For travelers, renting a car in Argentina is a relatively straightforward process. There are several rental agencies, including many huge worldwide agencies.

Argentina self drive holiday

Car and hotel reserved by your travel agent, and you are ready to hit the road! Argentina is the world’s 8th largest country, meaning that finding hundreds of different amazing and uncrowded roads won’t be a problem. The best part of your self-drive tour is the independence you will have, to stop whenever you like, have a picnic by the lake, no rush at all! Browse our self-drive tours today!


Argentina self-drive itineraries 


Best destinations to self-drive in Argentina during holidays are: 


Northern Argentina

Your self-drive tour can start on Salta, the jumping-off point for all travelers who seek to visit Northern Argentina. Stunning landscapes will surely join you on the road while driving to the Salt Flats known as Salinas Grandes. Another unique place you can visit is the world’s heritage of Humahuaca Gorge (Quebrada de Humahuaca, in Spanish), the picturesque towns of Maimara, Tilcara, Humahuaca and Uquía among other beautiful traditional villages. Still, Salta being your starting point, you can do your self-drive tour through Argentina’s Calchaquí Valley. Along the way, you’ll find pre-Colombian villages with colorful mountains as backgrounds, typical of Northern Argentina. You will also visit Cafayate, where you can taste their world-known Torrontés wine.


Northern Patagonia – Lake district

If Southern Argentina is calling you, self-drive tours in Patagonia’s Lake District is your top choice. From Bariloche to Villa La Angostura, driving through the Nahuel Huapi National Park, you will be able to visit Lake Traful, Valle Encantado, Los Arrayanes National Park and be stunned by their jaw-dropping beauty.



Snow-capped mountains along the way and pure air are some of the things you will experience on the road through Patagonia. In a 6-day self-drive trip you drive through Glaciers National Park to visit the Perito Moreno’s Glacier, or visit the wonderful village of El Chaltén, and go trekking in one of the many hiking trails. El Chaltén, the National capital of Trekking, offers all kinds of level hiking trails.

If you are looking for the whole Patagonia’s package, our 13-day self-drive tour is the one: El Calafate, El Chaltén, plus visiting Torres del Paine National Park to meet the iconic towers and hiking the most famous trail in the park that will take you to the base of the Cuernos del Paine (8500 f.o.s.l.). Last but not least, you will drive to the End of the World city, Ushuaia, where close encounter with penguins awaits. Not every day you get to self-drive to the End of the World, right? 


Things to take into account


  • Patagonia has amazing routes. But sometimes, between villages, there are long distances with no services in the middle. That’s why whenever you have the chance, refuel your tank in order to always have fuel available.
  • If you’re planning your self-drive to northern Argentina, the best part is that you are able to do it all year round! 
  • Comfortable clothes are highly recommended. If you are planning to go hiking, remember to also pack your special hiking shoes!
  • Is also advisable to bring sunscreen, as the sun, especially during the summer, may be a little bit strong.
  • Water! Hydration is very important especially during summer where temperatures can be a little higher during the day. 
  • Bring a road map (you can ask your travel advisor), and enjoy some old-fashion road tripping. Internet signal is quite weak in some parts of Patagonia, especially on the long roads. 
  • Pay attention to animals on the road. Some of the most common ones you may find in Patagonia are the guanaco (Southern camelid) and the Mara (Patagonian hare).

Self-drive Patagonia Argentina

What is Patagonia in Argentina? 

Patagonia is the southernmost part of Argentina that goes from the province of Neuquén to Tierra del Fuego. Patagonia means nature, pure air, snow-capped mountains, uncrowded roads, turquoise water lakes, and encounters with traditions and local cultures. A totally perfect destination for self-drive tours as it has many beautiful attractions. It’s a dreamland for people who look for adventure but also for the ones who seek relaxing moments alone, with friends or with the whole family. Traveler ‘s favorite destinations in Patagonia are Bariloche, El Chaltén, El Calafate and Ushuaia.


Self-drive Vacation in Patagonia: Best Practices

Some pieces of advice:


  • Whenever you see a petrol station, fill your tank with fuel. Patagonia has long-desert roads, so reloading fuel when it’s possible is a good practice.
  • During winter, you may have to drive in snowy weather, and sometimes snow chains are required. If you rather drive without snow, we advise you to travel to Patagonia during Summer or Springtime! 
  • Taking coats and overcoats (as many as you can) is advised as weather during the night especially, or in high-altitude points, is very cold, sometimes even snowy depending on the time of the year, such as in winter or autumn.
  • Bring comfortable clothes. If you are planning on going hiking, special shoes for these kinds of activities are also a good choice.
  • Pack a swimming suit, just in case. During the summer, although the water might be freezing, you can go swimming in the lakes and rivers. 

All set! Let’s hit the road and let the adventure begin!


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