Wildlife & Nature

Wildlife & Nature

Our wildlife and nature trips feature the southern right whale and their calves in Península Valdés and the exotic wildlife of Iberá. Enjoy boat trips to explore the Northeastern wetlands of Argentina and walk among penguins in Patagonia.


What does an itinerary that has wildlife and nature mean?

It means that the explorations are focused on enjoying the landscapes and animals of each place.

Do I have to go with a guide or can I go on my own?

For some explorations it is better to go with a guide and for others you can go on your own. It depends on the intensity and regulation of each activity, it also depends if the experience improves significantly with the explanation of the guide or if it is better to do it independently, but there are options for all preferences.

Are the explorations demanding?

There are options for everyone, by vehicle, by boat, hiking, on horseback, by bike, etc. The important thing is to be in contact with the environment, with nature and with the wildlife of each place.

Are there family activities on these trips?

Of course, there are options for everyone. Some are more demanding and others are suitable for everyone, such as boat rides and hikes.

Do I need special equipment for these trips?

It is reccommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear for outdoor activities. Water proof clothing and dress in layers, can help you cope with all climates and terrains.

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