Say Hueque Responsible & Sustainable Philosophy


We know how important it’s for Argentina to preserve the diversity of its environment. Our commitment has always been to the land we enjoy exploring, and to the local communities we partner with.


We work hard to reduce the impact of traveling in our región, promoting small group trips, educational experiences, and plastic-free tours. This is our contribution to the creation of a new way of traveling, based on the protection of nature, the respect for local cultures and what we like to call “the eye of the explorer” (travel with a curious and open heart).


Think global, act local

We also like to take an active part in the discussions about responsible traveling, and take some concrete actions that feature our worry for the well-being of our environment.


Carbon Footprint

We are the first travel company in Argentina to compensate for all the CO2 emissions you’ll make during your trip when traveling by land. To make this possible, through the Adventure Travel Association we are partnering with South Pole , one of the most reputable organizations on Climate Change actions, to make sure that those resources go directly to the projects that are working to reduce our carbon footprints on our planet.


Plastic-free tours

We know how harmful can be the use of single-use plastic for our planet. We decided to encourage our local operators and travelers to bring their own reusable bottles and gear to reduce this impact.


Local communities

We are committed to helping our travelers to connect with locals and to encourage local businesses by working with local transportation, restoring and accommodation companies.


Climate Emergency Declaration & Future of Tourism

We have signed the initiative of the Tourism Declares Climate Emergency, a group of 116 travel organizations, companies and professionals aware of the climate emergency and willing to find a collective solution, and also the Guiding Principles of Future of Tourism, a group of six NGO that work together to promote a new conscious on the change our industry needs.


We take care of our exploring as well as our working playground


We believe that taking care of our planet is something we can also exercise from our working space. That’s why we take these concrete actions in our daily work hub.

  • We collect all the non-reusable batteries and bring them to a recycling site.
  • We are almost 60 people having lunch every day and buying food nearby the office. We decided to bring our reusable bowls in order to reduce the consumption of non-reusable plastic ones.
  • To reduce our household waste, we make compost and we treat our plants with it!


What we have learned being Responsible Travelers


By putting in action some of these ideas, we are making a real change in the world, and we also have learned a good deal about how to behave when we travel. We want to share some ideas that stand for our responsible and sustainable travel philosophy. Maybe they look familiar to you, that means that you’re on your way to become a responsible traveler!


  • Always be fully conscious of the place and the culture you are visiting.
  • Help to encourage the local industry and respect the traditions of the city, beach or mountaineering village you’re visiting.
  • When finding a place to eat, try to buy to local vendors. This can be also an enriching experience if you dear to chat with locals about the food traditions of the place you are visiting.
  • Do a little research before traveling, get informed about if there are any dress restrictions, and learn some useful words in the original language of the place you’ll visit.



Being responsible and aware of our traveling choices doesn’t have to lead us to do only low-budgets trips or renounce to things you want to do. It’s more about making the right choices and being aware of the impact of your decisions while traveling.


  • If you want to travel with a local tour company, make sure they are environmentally responsible. The same with the hotels you choose to stay in.
  • Respect people in the street.
  • Interact with the local fauna in a friendly, non-invasive way.
  • Take beautiful and perfect photos of your amazing adventures to rock in your social media channels, but don’t forget to enjoy the landscape first, get a grip of the situation and pay attention to details, cause those are the truly lasting pictures you’ll take with you forever.


We can be the best responsible travelers just by doing any of these little efforts! And by always keeping in mind that popular golden rule that teaches to treat others as you would love to be treated.


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