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In gratitude for what Mother Earth has provided, we aim to leave the places we explore a little bit better than how we found them.

Our plan is simple: PLANT. Reach a new goal. Plant more. Repeat.

Our focus is on Patagonia: This breathtaking region has stolen our hearts. However, we recognize the threats to these natural treasures and see it as our duty to give back to the land that has given us so much.

Massive reforestation is urgent.

Let’s make the world wild again.

view of cholila forrest

Where do we plant?

It all began in Patagonia. As the birthplace of our inaugural journeys, this region holds a special place in our hearts.

We plant trees in the Rio Tigre Natural Reserve, a region located on the outskirts of Cholila, a village nestled at the foothills of the Andes Mountains range in the province of Chubut. This area has endured numerous wildfires, resulting in the devastation of several hectares of native forest.

view of cholila forrest
Say hueque team planting trees in cholila

What do we plant?

In the Patagonia region, we’re planting two tree species: Cypress and Coihue. These native trees are renowned for their durability and strength. Planting them contributes to the restoration of the unique ecosystem in this area.

Cypress is essential for Patagonia due to its cold resistance, ability to prevent soil erosion, and value for local wildlife. On the other hand, Coihue plays a crucial role by providing food and shelter to species, in addition to its resilience to forest fires and its rapid recovery after them.

These trees not only benefit the Patagonia biodiversity but also play a pivotal role in mitigating climate change by absorbing CO2 as they grow.

Say hueque team planting trees in cholila
Woman holding a Ciprés that is going to be planted in a damaged area in Patagonia

Our partnership with ReforestArg

To achieve our reforestation goals, we’ve proudly partnered with ReforestArg, a dedicated local NGO that has been tirelessly restoring ecosystems degraded by climate change, deforestation, and wildfires for over a decade. As a small NGO, their transparent process allows us to witness the transformation of each contribution into a thriving tree.

Woman holding a Ciprés that is going to be planted in a damaged area in Patagonia
View of reforestarg team resting in the lake from above

About the plantations

Twice a year, we organize volunteer journeys to participate in the tree planting activities in different areas of Patagonia. The volunteer program entails four-day camping experiences during which we dedicate most of our day to planting trees in the mountains. Through planting sessions, workshops, and talks, the aim is to convey messages that strengthen the volunteers’ sense of service.

The seedlings we use come from nurseries funded by Reforestarg. This way, we are also generating employment for local communities.
Since the place is a protected area, we also work with local park rangers.

View of reforestarg team resting in the lake from above
Reforestarg team walking in the forrest with trees on their backpacks

What do 100K trees look like?

100,000 trees span about 1,670,000 square meters – roughly 167 hectares.

Picture this as having the equivalent of about 85 soccer stadiums, 6,423 tennis courts, or half Central Park of New York in size.

Yet, the impact isn’t just about space. These trees will also counter around 22,600 tons of CO2 annually, when mature.

Reforestarg team walking in the forrest with trees on their backpacks
The road to plant 100,000 trees

Our sustainable travel formula

Community-oriented travel

Since Say Hueque started, we’ve prioritized working with small, family-run operators. At least 80% of what travelers pay directly benefits the community.

Plastic-free tours

We offer trips free of single-use plastics. Through this initiative, we save more than 9,200 plastic bottles a year.

Carbon neutrality

Since 2020, we have been the first travel company in Argentina to compensate for all the CO2 emissions generated by travelers during their land-based trips.

Planting trees

We plant 10 trees per everyone who has traveled with us.
Peace of mind: your trip is regenerative.

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