The Land of Wealth

Visit the best natural and cultural destinations of Argentina, discover Buenos Aires, travel to Iguazú Falls & hike through untamed Patagonia.

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Is it necessary to have a visa to travel to Argentina?

Argentina does do not require visas for citizens of many countries (up to 90 days), like Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, United States. For the latest up to date information visit your local embassy website.

Do I need a vaccine to travel to Argentina?

No, you didn’t need any vaccination to enter the country so far. Since the COVID-19 breakdown there is a special protocol to enter the country which includes a COVID negative test, a 10-day quarantine, having Covid travel insurance, and complete the “Declaración Jurada Electrónica para el ingreso al Territorio Nacional”. – UPDATED TO 28/4

What is the best time of year to visit Argentina?

Argentina can be visited all year round, but there are some destinations like Patagonia that are better to visit during summer since many natural places and some national parks can’t be accessed during winter.

What should I put in my suitcase for my trip to Argentina?

Bring a variety of clothes (in Patagonia we can have all four seasons in 24 hours), comfortable clothes, and bring at least one nicer outfit to enjoy the nightlife. Sunglasses and sunscreen, an adapter and/or converter for outlets, a small bag or backpack. Download an online application to translate to Spanish (some people understand English and some other languages, but they are the minority).

What is the typical food in Argentina?

Asado (barbecue) and empanadas are popular meals, but you can also find an excellent offer of pasta and pizzas. It is often thought that all meals have meat in Argentina and that there are no options for vegetarians, but that is not true. There are many options, and even exclusive restaurants for vegetarians, vegans and the gluten-free public.

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