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In 1999, based on personal travel experiences, dreams and passion, Say Hueque Journeys was born! We are a travel company based in Argentina that creates sustainable and immersive South American travel experiences focused on connecting travelers with nature and our local communities.

We know how to avoid crowds during a visit to the Perito Moreno Glacier, when to hike in Torres del Paine for an intimate experience with the Patagonian mountains, and what time of day you can enjoy the best sunlight over the mighty Iguazú Falls in your Argentina trip. It will take your breath away!

We believe that travel is a force for good: that’s why we are carbon-negative, climate positive.

 This means that we offset 100% of the carbon emissions produced by land travel, plus we plant 10 tree per traveler on each trip.

In 2023 we made a big step toward sustainable travel and became a certified B Corp™. We are part of a global community of businesses looking to protect nature and locals from extractive practices. 

Compensating carbon emissions, operating plastic-free trips, and committing to local communities are how we are creating a more responsible and meaningful way of exploring Argentina, Chile, and other destinations in South America.

Our Values

Protect our natural landscapes
for future generations.

Travel with the eye of an explorer:
discover new cultures, mingle with
locals and avoid crowds.

Support local economies.
More than 80% of what our clients pay, stays
in the communities.

Why Travel With Say Hueque

We live here, we know the insider secrets to travel the region.

Reputed publications and travel organizations have awarded and talked about our trips.

You are never alone. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in order to assist you and make sure that you have the perfect trip.

Our local expertise and strong partnerships help us get very competitive prices, which allows us to offer options for different budgets.

We protect nature and support projects to reduce travel impact.

You can be sure that at least 80% of what our clients pay, goes directly to the community.

About Us

Say Hueque Team

Rafa Mayer

Founder & Team Leader

Travel roots 

Born into a family of travelers, Rafa’s passion for traveling began at a very early age.  During high school, he was introduced to the concept of backpacking and began taking camping trips with his friends to Patagonia. He remembers how he could have stayed there forever, wandering around the mountains,  sitting around campfires, and exploring the countless, majestic lakes in that area. 

Upon graduating from college, he set off to travel the world. During that trip, he realized that his dream was to inspire travelers from all over the world to explore and experience Argentina and Chile in a way that allowed them to connect deeply with nature and that offered them honest insight about the local cultures. And that’s what he has done and continues to do.

Travel, a force for good  

He is a strong believer that travel can be a powerful force for good.  Travel helps protect and empower local cultures, helps develop a sense of responsibility with the environment, and opens our hearts and minds to other traditions and ways of life.



Say Hueque & Argentina Family Travel

At the age of 24, he founded Say Hueque based on three values that are still our milestones: a love of nature, the importance of sharing with local communities, and the importance of doing all of that with a deep passion for travel and exploration.

As the Ambassador of the Transformational Travel Council in Argentina and also the local Ambassador for the Adventure Travel Trade Association, he is now promoting a change in the industry to inspire a more sustainable way of traveling.

Rafa takes an Argentina trip at least once a year. He love spends a lot of time traveling with his wife and two sons. He has a front-row seat to see how traveling transforms, teaches, and moves his kids in the deepest of ways. It is with the fuel from these experiences that he decided to develop a new travel division, which has become his new passion: Argentina Family Travel.

What does Say Hueque mean?

Sayhueque was the last native leader of Argentine Patagonia. He was a Mapuche, which means “men of the land”, and the son of the native chief Chokori, one of the bravest Mapuche warriors during the 19th century. In the Mapuches’ native language, “hueque” means “guanaco”, which is a type of camelid typically found in Patagonia. Mapuches used to say “hueque” every time they saw a group of guanacos nearby.

Travelers wrote in their chronicles that Sayhueque used to ride his horse, always wearing a blue poncho and a wise and welcoming smile, and shake hands with everyone who crossed his path. For us, it is in in that first encounter between an Argentine native and  a foreign traveler that our story begins.  We want to carry on the tradition and  spirit of Chief Sayhueque.

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