Food & Wine

Food & Wine

Our food and wine travel experiences feature the secrets of the wines produced in Argentina and Chile. Visit Mendoza, the wine country of Argentina, Cafayate in the North and the vineyards near Santiago de Chile.


What is a food and wine itinerary?

It is an itinerary that includes gastronomic experiences, wine tastings, cooking classes, special dinners and tours focused on the flavors of each place.

Why would I be interested in attending a cooking class?

It is a local experience, where you learn about the ingredients of traditional food, get to know the locals in a more intimate way and eat delicious meals, surely accompanied by a great local wine or a typical cocktail.

Do the gastronomic experiences have options for special diets?

In most cases, it is possible to have a special menu available for vegetarians, gluten-free, etc. It is important to always take this into consideration in advance so that the experience is the best for the travelers.

Is it possible to enjoy these tours only some of the destinations?

The trips are tailor-made, so these itineraries are a guideline, changes can always be made at the planning stage according to the traveler’s preferences.

Is it possible to enjoy them without cooking?

You can enjoy traditional food, local wines tasting, cooking demonstrations without you cooking, cocktails tasting and demostrations, 3, 5 and 7 step meals, and even more options!

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