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At Say Hueque, we firmly believe that tourism can have a positive impact. It supports local development, serves as an economic activity that can coexist with conservation efforts, and encourages cultural exchange.

Nonetheless, we also acknowledge our role in the environmental challenges facing our planet. This is why we have joined the Glasgow Declaration and align ourselves with its five pathways: measurement, emissions reduction, regeneration, collaboration, and financing.

Our Sustainability &

Climate Action Plan:

Reduction, regeneration, collaboration, and financing.


About Our Commitment

We are committed to addressing current challenges affecting the tourism sector in economic, social, and environmental realms. We recognize that sustainable tourism plays a crucial role in tackling these issues. In this regard, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as a guiding framework for our responsible company management.

Through this approach, we strive to make a positive impact on the local communities and the natural environment of each destination we explore. This, in turn, contributes to more responsible and beneficial tourism for all.


Our Sustainability and Climate Action Plan focuses on working towards five key United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:


We begin with a fundamental premise: what cannot be measured cannot be effectively managed. When it comes to sustainability, it is paramount to ensure that we are consistently making progress toward achieving our objectives. In this context, measurement not only serves as our guiding compass in our endeavors but also allows us to become increasingly transparent with our stakeholders regarding our actions and continual progress.

    We’ve been involved in the “Neutral Together” program, led by South Pole and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. This program offered its members a tool to calculate carbon emissions and also allowed them to purchase credits to offset those emissions.  Through internal management tools, we assess energy consumption levels in our Buenos Aires office and implement control measures to maintain a consistent per capita consumption balance year-round. In 2022, we achieved a 100% equilibrium, and in the current year, we are committed to upholding our efforts to ensure stable energy consumption rates. Also through internal tools we calculate the average carbon emission of each trip we design and organize. This is the tool to decide how much we need to reduce but also to invest to make the balance.


Our Plan is To Plant

Since our inception, we’ve prioritized sustainable management, but it was in 2020 when we decided to broaden our focus for a more substantial impact. We became the first travel agency in Argentina to offset all the CO₂ emissions generated by travelers during their land journeys.

From then on, we’ve actively collaborated with ReforestArg, a local non-
governmental organization dedicated to restoring damaged forests in the Argentine Patagonia. Initially, our commitment involved donating one tree for each person traveling with us. Later, we raised the bar by pledging to plant 10 trees for every person traveling with Say Hueque. Currently we have planted 20,000 new native trees in the Argentine Patagonia.

What is “Say Bosque”?

To date, we’ve not only met our goal of planting 20,000 native trees in Patagonia but have also redefined our objective through “Say Bosque,” a project that entails creating a forest with native trees planted by Say Hueque in Patagonia. Our ambitious goal is to plant 100,000 native trees by the next Pachamama Day, which falls on August 1, 2024. Once Say Bosque becomes a reality, we’ll be contributing to the absorption of 1.2 tons of CO₂ per year.

The road to plant 100,000 trees
Regenerative travel to help local economies.


Our Internal Commitment

In an increasingly environmentally and socially conscious world, we recognize that sustainability is not merely a value but a responsibility we all must embrace. We firmly believe that to make a significant impact in shaping a more sustainable future, it’s crucial for initiatives to begin at home and involve all members of our organization.

Regenerative travel to help local economies.

Within our sustainability policies, we address and track the following aspects:

    We compost 90% of the organic waste generated in our offices and periodically provide it as organic fertilizer to Say Hueque members. We sort 100% of the generated waste based on its composition. We use paper efficiently in all our operations, reducing its usage by up to 80%. We have completely eliminated the use of regular batteries in our facilities. We promote plastic-free travel on our trips in collaboration with our local operators. We optimize energy consumption. We champion remote work policies to reduce dependency on commuting and energy consumption at our facilities. We encourage the use of eco-friendly transportation methods and adapt our facilities for bicycles


Our partnership with Reforestarg is a joint effort aimed at reforestation in various locations in Patagonia that have recently suffered forest fires. These incidents have resulted in the devastation of extensive areas of native forest. With the firm purpose of contributing to the restoration of this valuable ecosystem, we have chosen to carry out the planting of two native tree species in the region: the Cypress and the Coihue. These species are recognized for their durability and resilience, making them ideal for this restoration effort.

These actions not only seek to revitalize Patagonia’s unique biodiversity but also play a fundamental role in mitigating climate change by absorbing CO₂ during the growth of the trees.

To carry out this task, we organize volunteer trips twice a year that allow interested individuals to participate in reforestation activities in various areas of Patagonia. The seedlings we use come from local nurseries that we have helped establish, and these nurseries provide employment for local residents. This collaboration not only promotes environmental conservation but also drives economic development and supports local entrepreneurs.

In this way, our initiative not only effectively addresses climate change and environmental restoration but also promotes the well-being of local communities and the protection of valuable ecosystems. Furthermore, it establishes a strong connection between environmental restoration and sustainable tourism in the majestic Patagonia, demonstrating that the preservation of our planet and human development can go hand in hand for the benefit of all.


With over two decades of experience, we have solidified our commitment to environmentally harmonious tourism, actively collaborating with our stakeholders. We aim to engage everyone in our journey, forging synergistic relationships with our customers, industry colleagues, and sector-leading organizations.

As part of our dedication to sustainability in tourism, we support renowned institutions such as Tourism Declares Climate Emergency, Adventure Travel Trade Association, Regenerative Travel, and the Latin American Travel Association.

We foster continuous communication and collaboration with our local operators to strengthen actions that promote environmental care and ethical behavior. We share our ethical and conduct codes with them.

Our focus extends to educating and sensitizing our travelers about responsible tourism practices. We encourage them to actively participate, and through our partnership with Reforestarg, we grant them a certificate recognizing the number of trees planted in their honor in Patagonia.

Furthermore, we maintain full transparency by regularly sharing updates about our sustainability plan through social media and emails, collaborating with affiliated associations to disseminate our efforts towards a more responsible and environmentally friendly tourism.


Sustainability and the fight against climate change are global challenges that require significant investment in both mitigation and regeneration initiatives. Our success in achieving these goals depends on the availability of adequate resources and their efficient allocation.

Below, we outline the areas in which we have invested to carry out our action plan:

    Reforestation Investment: In 2021, we initiated our reforestation project in the Patagonia. To date, we have planted 20,667 native trees in various affected areas. We support ReforestArg for this actions monthly. Training: We allocated training for our company’s leaders and employees in leadership, sustainability, and sustainable management systems. Simultaneously, we have worked on integrating our local operators into this focus through discussions and meetings. Financial Support for Non-Governmental Organizations like Sumando Energias: We actively participate in their activities as volunteers and provide financial support to these organizations.

Next Steps against Climate Change:

During the following years we aim:

    Carbon Zero: As we currently do, we aim to keep compensating carbon for every trip we design during the coming years. Regenerate: We commit to turn wild again as many areas as we can. Specifically for 2024 we will achieve the goal of 100,000 trees. Promote: We will participate and organize at least one annual sustainability event to promote decarbonization and action plans with employees and suppliers.
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