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Catherine Mau

An unforgettable trip

Just want to again say thank you for helping me coordinate an unforgettable trip.
I want to let you know the trip went smoothly and I really appreciate the level of detail Say Hueque put into this trip.

Muchas gracias!


Paul Uyeda

Dream come true

The trip was bucket list dream come true for Yukiko and became mine as well after discovering Patagonia with my own eyes!

We are glad to rest in between and enjoyed the main experiences like gentle horse back riding with amazing view, mini hike on Perito Moreno Glacier, and hike at near Torres del Paine (we could not make to the main hike due to decided to rest).

Even more, all the hotel, Frances Drake Hostel, Los Canelos Hotel, and Rio Serrano hotel had such a breath taking views and we want to thank you so very much for making our trip possible and wonderful. If it wasn't for your bright suggestions and help with changing our bus time, we would not have been able to complete our bucket list on our honeymoon.

Happy holidays and best wishes!


Jenny Scott

The north was wonderful

I just wanted to tell you how much we appreciated your efforts in making our trip quite memorable. Memories come back every day.

Ushuaia warmed my heart by the empanadas from Martinica Bar De Lomos. They were the best empanadas we’d eaten on the trip and the owner is very kind and fun.
I would suggest that for anyone going to the end of the world.
I also think our hotel may have been a bit too far from restaurants, 3.5kms, but overall, I did warm to the place!

I feel like I’m going backwards on our trip starting with Ushuaia! The tours we did there were all very interesting and fun except we could have done without the Beagle Channel boat ride. Having the morning off would have been great but we could have cancelled as well.

We loved the atmospheres of Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas. The former had a cool, hippy vibe. Punta Arenas was interesting except it was Sunday. Still, we wandered the streets to see all the architecture and ended up at Wake Up, a very cool breakfast and lunch place which I highly recommend as well. A bit limited for dinner on a Sunday but whatever. Hotel room was clean, breakfast was uneventful.

Our time in Torres del Paine was amazing. The hostels were fantastic and the hiking and touring were crazy! The weather cooperated with us as well. Transportation was easy and we were confident with everyone getting us, and our luggage, to where we wanted to go. The funny thing was, when I was reading about staying in a hostel I didn’t think much about it because we normally stay with our kids in the hostels so, when I found out that we’d be with strangers the first thing that crossed my mind was, I better get some pajamas!! Turned out to be so great. We had great conversations with whoever we met and the hiking was beautiful.

Very impressed with anyone who finished the ‘W’.

El Chalten was strangely a really cool place. It makes everyone feel young again! We hiked up to Mt FitzRoy and then to Laguna Torre the next day. So beautiful. That La Lenga scent was encouraging us on! The hotel in El Chalten was just right.

El Calfate was cool and we did our best shopping there except for Zoe’s sweater which we found in La Boca with Florencia. It reminded us of a similar town in Alberta, Canada. By the way, all the glaciers we saw were super and mind blowing and sad of course because they are melting so quickly. The refugio was perfect.

Our time in the north was wonderful although maybe a bit too much driving. At the same time, that can’t be helped. Salt Flats were neat and I recommend taking the extra time to take the tour. In hindsight, we would have loved to have stayed in Purmamarca for another night. We really enjoyed ourselves in one restaurant where there were three boys playing their guitars and drums for us and singing, what I think were, folk songs. The hotel in Purmamarca was exactly what Jack and I love because it was beautiful and had a separate sitting area. We just might go back for some hiking in the area and then stay there so that we could cook our own meals. If we had done the trip backwards, we would have spent more time there.

Gerardo did a fantastic job guiding and driving us safely around. It’s a lot of driving for him too but all very interesting.
Lastly, we fell in love with Buenos Aires. Florencia gave us a wonderful tour and we really learned a lot about the city. The following day, we felt quite comfortable getting around and Florencia’s recommendations, the Hyatt for lunch for example, were bang on.

Thank you so much for helping us with our trip. We have already recommended you to a friend although he is arriving on Saturday so little time, but you never know. Our many friends on facebook and instagram couldn’t believe what we saw so we will be recommending you to all of our friends.



Jan Sands

We loved our guides

Thanks for making our trip so wonderful. We loved our guides, Rosario and Fabian. And the accommodations were comfortable and within easy walking distance of shops and restaurants.

The visits to the wineries were informative about the family histories, plus delicious food.

I will not hesitate to recommend your services.


Michael & Xin Li Falk

In a word, "fantastic"

In a word, "fantastic" and all due to your great planning, coordination and documentation. "Thank you".
All private transportation arrangements were on time, courteous, and clean.
Most of the hotels lived up to their 3 star rating.
The Torres Del Paine was great for viewing but the dusty pothole roads were an unpleasant necessity.
Can't think of anything more to add except the 6 hour boat trip out of Ushuaia to "walk with the penguins" that didn't materialize but on the other hand, the End of the World train ride was an enjoyable highlight.
Many thanks again


Mary Guerrazzi

I’ve already told so many people about Say Hueque!

After all that planning and three years of waiting the trip was AMAZING! Your transports were on time, well documented and very, very much appreciated.
All the drivers were great but the person who took us from El Calafate to the Chilean border was fantastic. I’ve crossed a lot of borders but I’m not sure I could have figured that one out without him.
Most hotels were great. We loved Los Cerros, Francisco at the front desk was fantastic. The bar, the food, and the views were fab!
Of course, I can’t say enough about Camp Patagonia… It was over the top in gracious staff and details. It was TRULY the highlight of the trip.
The Esplendor was fine, they upgraded us which was nice!
We also loved the Australis, floating through those gorgeous fjords and getting to walk on Cape Horn made it totally worth it. The Australis is a well-run machine and when you arrive they take your luggage and get you on board, a very quick process.
Thank you so much, I’ve already told so many people about Say Hueque!


Deep Contractor

I have fallen in love with Argentina

I write to you today to express my heartfelt gratitude for all that you have done for me. I deeply appreciated your kindness, patience and wonderful professionalism.
All of my guides were lovely and knowledgeable people. I feel like I have made friends for life!
I have fallen in love with Argentina and I cannot wait to come back with my husband.
I hope that someday soon I can host you in India and reciprocate some of the amazing hospitality I experienced.
I wish you and your company achieve even greater heights.


Debora & Todd Siddens

It was a real dream come true

We are most thankful for the trip you designed for us, it was a real dream come true. Everyone we met, and all the natural scenic points we experienced was beyond our expectations. Such a privilege to explore Argentina/Patagonia 😊
We nearly panicked about our mandatory covid test to return, but fortunately Say Hueque arranged our tests most easily, we thank you. We so appreciate your response!
Although it was all great, we must single out our Half-day Safari Experience with Patagonia Profunda for being such a cool, unexpected terrific experience. The guide, food and small group was sensational! All of the guides were so kind to us too.
Believe me the entire trip was life altering, I lost my phone on Laguna les Tres trail, and things have changed forever. How fortunate for me.
Thank you Daiana, and Say Hueque for being so attentive to our needs and providing such a wonderful package.
We wish you all the best, and would love to return!

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