Lights of Peru, The Inca Empire

Lights of Peru, The Inca Empire


Lima- Cuzco - Machu Picchu

from 1535 USD

Lima- Cuzco - Machu Picchu

days 8
  • Explore the Sacred Valley and discover the treasures of the Inca civilization: Machu Picchu, and the archeological site of Ollantaytambo. 
  • Take a guided tour around Lima and Cuzco to soak up the traditions and history of these Peruvian cultural hubs.
  • Enjoy a unique hike to the Humantay Lagoon. 
  • Best time to travel: All year round.
  Explore Perú in 8 days, travel from Cuzco to the Sacred Valley, and visit the legendary Machu Picchu. Immerse yourself in Peru’s ancient culture and take a city tour in Lima, the capital of the country. See the best of Peru on this 8-day trip!
Day 1

Welcome to Your 8-Day Trip to Perú - Lima

Peru - Lima - Miraflores


  • Transfer from the airport to your hotel – Day at leisure

Upon your arrival in Lima, we’ll be waiting to drive you from the airport to your hotel. Enjoy your leisure time in Lima!

Lima is the capital of Peru; the jumping-off point for nearly all trips to the country. In the Colonial Era, it housed the viceroyalty, making it the most powerful city-hub of South America.

Today, its native and foreign heritage coexist; its well-preserved, amazing colonial churches and archeological sites (heading south to Caral Sacred City) exist in harmony with Peru’s beautiful beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean and its delicious seafood.


Say Hueque Tips

  • What to do on your first day in Lima?

Enjoy your leisurely evening by taking an exploratory walk over to the Plaza Mayor, and make sure to try the typical cebiche (fish cooked with lemon) or the special anticuchos (we’ll let you figure it out on your own…!).

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Peru - Lima - Miraflores
Day 2

City Tour in Lima

Peru - Lima - Downtown


  • City tour in Lima, discover Perú’s capital

Today we’ll pick you up at your hotel to explore Lima’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site packed with fascinating historic buildings.

We’ll start with a scenic tour in the colonial downtown, which expands from the Main Square, where you can appreciate the grandiose architecture of the Spanish Empire, like that of the Cathedral, which was built up in the 16th century and finished after 80 years of hard work!

Our next stop will be to Casa Aliaga, a colonial mansion that was granted in 1535 by chief conquistador Francisco Pizarro to Jerónimo de Aliaga, one of his captains.

The last part of this historical day tour in Lima will be dedicated to the Larco Museum. Located in the traditional Pueblo Libre district, this meticulously maintained museum is housed in a beautifully restored viceroyal mansion. Its exhibits boast the most complete pre-Hispanic collection of gold and silver artifacts, as well as pieces of ancient erotic art.

Since we’re on the topic of love encounters, we’ll finish the day at the “Love Park” built in 1993 to celebrate love in all its forms. Nestled in the upscale coastal district of Miraflores, you can admire the cliffs from its colorful mosaic benches and take in the most beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

After enjoying this romantic place and meeting the famous sculpture which immortalized the tender kiss of two passionate lovers, we’ll drive you back to your hotel.

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Peru - Lima - Downtown
Day 3

Continue Your Perú Travel Itinerary - Cuzco

a child with a llama in Peru - Sacred Valley


  • Transfer from your hotel to Lima airport

Today we’ll pick you up at your hotel and take you to Lima airport to continue your 8-day trip in Perú. Take an hour’s flight to Cuzco, maybe the most international destination of Peru, since (but not only because…) Machu Picchu, the world-renowned Inca fortress, is located only 4 hours away! 


  • Transfer from the airport to your hotel in Cuzco 

Upon your arrival in Cuzco, we’ll drive you to your hotel. Enjoy the rest of the evening exploring the city at your own pace.


Say Hueque Tips

  • What to do in Cuzco?

Cuzco is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Historic buildings and ruins can be explored just by wandering the city. We recommend visiting the magnificent cathedral in the Plaza Mayor, where the ceremony of Inti Raymi (also called “Pachamama” in Argentina, is a day to celebrate the gifts of Mother Earth) used to take place. Then you with a visit to the Museum of Precolombien Art. At the end of the day, you will have grasped a good deal of Inca culture.

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a child with a llama in Peru - Sacred Valley
Day 4

Pisac and Ollantaytambo Fortress - Cuzco

women in Peru - Sacred Valley


  • Full-day tour to Pisac and Ollantaytambo Fortress

Continue exploring the Sacred Valley, and visit Pisac, famous for its craft market where you’ll find the most exquisite pieces of jewelry, ceramic, and textile craftwork. We’ll continue our trip by visiting the archeological site of Pisac to admire the stone terraces built by the Incas, and last, we’ll head to Ollantaytambo to visit its stunning fortress. Admire the remaining towers and walls that used to keep the citadel safe and the royal guests it used to host. You will sleep in Cuzco tonight, at the end of the day, a transfer will drop you at your hotel. 

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women in Peru - Sacred Valley
Day 5

Travel to Machu Picchu - Return to Cuzco

view of Peru - Machu Picchu


  • Tour to Machu Picchu, discover the legendary city!

Your tour to Machu Picchu begins with a 4-hour train ride to Aguas Calientes (literally, hot water). This town is also known as “Machu Picchu Pueblo” and is the last stop before entering the remains of the most important archaeological site in Peru. Machu Picchu means “Old Mountain” and is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

You’ll finally reach Machu Picchu (the ancient sanctuary and retreat for the Inca Pachacutec) after a short transfer by bus through the mountains.

Here, when we arrive at the exact destination that is the highlight of your trip, we will have special moments which will most certainly be cherished forever. Enjoy your first impressions of this jaw-dropping place, and breathe the magic in the air.

At the end of the tour, you will take a bus back to Aguas Calientes and the train back to Cuzco where a transfer will drive you to your hotel.


Say Hueque Tips

  • What places can you visit during your tour in Machu Picchu?

Some places you can visit include the Intipunku, or “Sun Gate”, where the sun rises every day through a stone passageway, or the Inca Bridge. This incredible stone building served as the entrance and exit of the citadel.

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view of Peru - Machu Picchu
Day 6

City Tour in Cuzco

Cusco - City


  • City tour in Cuzco and archeological sites 

Today we’ll pick you up at your hotel to start your Cuzco tour with a visit to the Coricancha, also known as the “Temple of the Sun” the construction of which was ordered by Inca Pachacútec (1438-1471).

This is where the Sun (Inti, in Quechua) was worshipped during the reign of the Inca Empire, and during that time its walls were fully covered with gold sheets and its courtyards were adorned with golden corn and life-sized sculptures of llamas.

We’ll continue on to visit the Cathedral, the most important building in the Main Square (whose construction lasted almost a century) and one of the most splendid Spanish colonial churches in America.

Our next stop will be the Sacsayhuamán fortress, an emblematic Incan piece of work, which protected the Holy City. The Sacsayhuamán complex was constructed with giant megalithic blocks, the transportation and construction of which continue to be a mystery.

This day will end with a visit to some archeological main attractions. You’ll visit Qenqo, located just over 2 miles away from Cuzco City, an archaeological complex mainly used for religious purposes, and where it is believed that agricultural rituals took place.

You will finally visit the vestiges of Puka Pukara, located 4.5 miles away from Cuzco. Puka Pukara, which means “red fortress”, was an architectural complex presumably used for military purposes.

At the end of this full historical and natural immersion in Cuzco’s heritage, we’ll drive you back to your hotel.

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Cusco - City
Day 7

Hike to Humantay Lagoon - Cuzco

Peru - Machu Picchu


  • Hike to Humantay Lagoon

You will leave Cuzco early in the morning heading to Soraypampa. On the way, pass by the city of Limatambo, an important entrance to Cuzco during the Inca Empire, and see the archaeological site of Tarawasi. Make a quick breakfast stop in a local restaurant before reaching Soraypampa and begin a mountain hike to Humantay Lagoon. Enjoy the stunning scenery of this wonderful place and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. Heading back to Cuzco, take lunch at a restaurant along the route.

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Peru - Machu Picchu
Day 8

The End of Your 8-Day Travel Itinerary to Peru

Peru - Cusco


This is the end of your 8-day travel itinerary to Peru…at least for now! At the appropriate time, we’ll pick you up from your hotel and head to the Cuzco airport to take your flight.

Keep on exploring other amazing destinations in Perú. Fire up your wanderlust with our featured trips to Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Peru. 

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Peru - Cusco
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  • 2-night accommodation in Lima
  • 5-night accommodation in Cuzco
  • Daily breakfast
  • Meals according to the itinerary: lunch on days 4 & 7.
  • Transfers and tours mentioned in the itinerary


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Lights of Peru, The Inca Empire
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