All about Buenos Aires Train Stations

Argentina Travel Posted on 12/22/2017

Traveling in South America can be an amazing experience and there is no country quite like Argentina. With beautiful vineyards, Patagonia’s glaciers, Iguazu Falls, and much more, there is plenty to see. In Buenos Aires, when traveling, it is important to take some precautions and safety tips in mind, especially when taking public transportation. However, history enhances Buenos Aires Train Station, so let’s have a look at them all and learn some insights to visit as a true local!

1. Retiro Train Station

Welcome to Buenos Aires’ main train station. In this area, 3 lines converge Mitre, San Martin, and Belgrano. The main building belongs to Mitre Train Line: an imposing structure inaugurated in 1915. This station was recently restored so you will be able to visit it at its best. 

Placed just across the street, discover the one and only Torres de Los Ingles (British Tower), a gift from the British government. Did you know that every piece was brought from England? It’s 100% British-made.

Buenos Aires - Retiro

Tigre Train Station

Retiro Train Station hosts 3 train lines, and of them, Mitre Line is the jumping-off point to a unique Day Trip to Tigre. This line train starts in Retiro and finishes in Tigre so don’t be afraid to miss your stop! Mitre Line is indeed the most touristic one as you can catch a ride to an iconic spot of Buenos Aires like San Isidro neighborhood, Belgrano and its Chinese Market, or connect with Tren de la Costa, the touristic train that goes near the riverside neighborhoods and small coffees to have a chill day in Buenos Aires.

Tigre Delta Tour Buenos Aires

2. Constitución Train Station

It is one of the biggest ones in the world and the most important here in Argentina! Placed in Av. Brasil, this train station was named Historical National Monument in Argentina. Why? Once you see it you will know! It is over 130 years old, yet its astonishment doesn’t vanish!

This imposing Train Station was inspired by old posh and elegant French Palaces and it was built from pieces brought from Great Britain entirely. Train Lines are known as Ramal Roca, and they head south of the province, for example to La Plata.


3. Safety Tips

Please be extra-careful when you are at Buenos Aires’ Retiro Bus Station as there has been an increase in pickpockets and bags being stolen from travelers.

We recommend the following safety tips:

• Keep a close eye on your belongings and do NOT leave a bag unattended for any reason.

• Backpacks should be wearing it in front of your chest as well as your wallet in the front pocket to defend against pickpockets.

• If you buy something at any train station, be prepared. Have small bills ready / easily accessible in your front or shirt pocket so that you can pay without opening a purse or bag.

• If you use the restroom / bathroom, bring your bags with you. Do not leave them with anyone offering to help watch them.

For more information about safety tips and trips in Argentina, we are here to help you plan your next adventure in this marvelous country!

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