Buenos Aires Day Trips- Delta del Tigre

Argentina Travel Posted on 11/15/2019

Less than an hour’s train ride north of Argentina’s capital city lies a great activity for your Buenos Aires journey: Enjoy a day trip to Tigre from Buenos Aires. A popular destination for both locals and foreign tourists, this island town is located in the heart of the Paraná delta and is ideal for relaxing Buenos Aires Day Trips. With a wide variety of activities—including spas, restaurants, museums, and boat and bike rides—Tigre offers a little something for everyone. Let’s find out all about a Day Trip to Tigre from Buenos Aires!

1. Tigre Delta Area

Stepping off the train in peaceful Tigre, you will be surrounded by meandering waterways lined with lush greenery. At 5,405 square miles, the Tigre Delta is one of the largest in the world. It is also one of the only major deltas that does not continue into a sea or ocean. 

Instead it joins with Rio de la Plata, the river that separates Argentina and Uruguay. Given its proximity to Buenos Aires and the variety of activities it offers, is a great call to take a Day trip to Tigre from Buenos Aires,  for both locals and tourists.

Tigre Delta Tour Buenos Aires

2. A day trip to Tigre from Buenos Aires. How to get to 

The fastest way to get to Tigre is by train. You can get there in less than an hour if you take the Linea Mitre train that departs from Retiro, final destination Tigre. You can also take a more scenic route, taking the Linea Mitre train with final destination Estacion Mitre. There you can transfer to the touristic Tren de la Costa, which offers some beautiful views of the river Rio de la Plata.

Alternatively, you can take a ferry or private water taxi from Puerto Madero to the Estación Fluvial in Tigre. Of course, you can take a taxi on land as well.

3. What to do in day trip to Tigre from Buenos Aires

Meet the Delta

Tigre offers a wide variety of activities, most of which center around the delta itself. If you’re interested in touring the delta by boat, your options include the public river bus at Estación Fluvial, catamaran rides, and Navegando Por el Delta sailboats. If you’re looking to stretch your muscles and get wet, you can try rowing with lessons from Delta Rowing. You could also go kayaking with Dorado Kayak, who also offer night kayaking during the full moon. Wakeboarding, wake surfing, and water-skiing are also available at the local Wake School.

  • If you’re interested in a more relaxing day, Delta Eco Spa will take you on a ride to their luxury complex that comes complete with saunas, Jacuzzis, swimming pools and massage rooms.

Kayak in Delta del Tigre Buenos Aires.

City Tour

Those in search of drier activities could decide to tour the town by bike or on horseback. You can rent a bike from Tigre En Bici, or you can take a longer ride, renting a bike in Buenos Aires, taking the train to La Lucila, and cycling over to Tigre from there. Near the Estación Fluvial, you can find a picturesque fair where local craftsman offer handmade jewelry, puppets and different art pieces.

  • You could also go shopping in Puerto de Frutos, a local tourist market where handmade furniture, leather, mate and local food are sold. A wonderful idea for a sunny day trip to Tigre from Buenos Aires!

Tigre Delta Tour Buenos Aires

Tigre for Families

Everyone gets to have fun at this island town! Tigre offers a number of other attractions, including a small amusement park called Parque de la Costa, a casino, and several museums.

Learn something about the national beverage at the mate museum, or check out the latest exhibit at the art museum, an imposing building towards the river. If looking forward to learning all about local history and culture, you can also sail up to Samiento’s Delta House or visit the Museo de la Reconquista. After your Argentinian culture lesson, you can enjoy delicious cotton candy sold on casual sidewalk strolls.

4. Tips for your day trip to Tigre from Buenos Aires

Before you go, make sure to take in some fresh air accompanied by a delicious meal along the riverside. Restaurants on the delta range from El Gato Blanco, specializing in all traditional Argentina food, to a more international options like Alpenhaus, a German restaurant and hotel where you can treat yourself to a dip in the sauna and even hit the hay in a german style deluxe cabin. Vegan and vegetarian restaurants are also available!

Buenos Aires - Kayak - Tigre

No matter what activities you do, your day trip to Tigre from Buenos Aires will certainly be one of your most unforgettable Buenos Aires day trips. Let’s get this adventure started!

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