Perito Moreno Glacier

The King of Ice

Perito Moreno Glacier tour will take you discover the only glacier in the world that’s still advancing. Be witched by history and landscape, and walk over the back of the glacier!

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Is it possible to visit the Glacier all year round?

Yes, Los Glaciares National Park is open all year round and you can see the Perito Moreno Glacier from the walkways.

Is it necessary to have special equipment?

No, if you visit the walkways you do not need special equipment. It is advisable to have sunglasses, warm clothes and sunscreen.

Is it possible to walk on the glacier?

It is possible and it is fascinating. No previous experience is necessary but there are age limits and physical restrictions.

Do I need to reserve my ticket and go with a guide?

You can buy your ticket at the park and go on your own, but if you go with a guide you’ll learn more about the history and characteristics that make the place unique.

How much time is recommended to visit the Glacier?

The walkways can be visited in one day and can be combined with navigation to be closer to the ice walls.

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