Hiking Patagonia

Hiking Patagonia

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Hiking Patagonia

Patagonia hiking experiences are our favorite trips. Explore Argentina and Chile, immerse in a natural journey to discover amazing hiking trails, and marvel at the most incredible mountains of South America. You won't return home the same...

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What is the destination for Hiking in Argentina?

If you like hiking the best place to visit is our Patagonia hiking capital, El Chaltén. There are many self-guided trails with magical views of Patagonia. Laguna de los Tres to have a privileged view of the Fitz Roy or the trail to see the Cerro Torre. There are options for all levels of demand.

Which kind of wildlife can I see?

In Patagonia, you can see penguins, whales, sea lions, elephant seals, foxes, pumas, condors, guanacos, cormorants, and much more.

Can I travel alone?

Of course, you can travel alone to Patagonia! It is a perfect destination for independent travelers who want to be alone with nature or meet new people. There are options for everyone in Patagonia.

Where is Patagonia?

Patagonia is a geographical, historical, and cultural region located in the extreme south of America. This region is shared between Argentina and Chile.

Can anyone enjoy hiking in Patagonia?

Yes, Patagonia hiking has options for everyone. You can enjoy a panoramic tour, with low, moderate, or high-demand trails, sailing, horseback riding, kayaking, rafting, etc.

What are the attractions of Chilean Patagonia?

The must-see of Chilean Patagonia is Torres del Paine National Park, the Lake District: Puerto Varas and Chiloé, and the Carretera Austral. Inside the national park, you will find many Torres del Paine tours to enjoy, from challenging hikes to moderate walks to special viewpoints and horseback rides.

What to do on a hiking trip to Patagonia?

Patagonia hiking trips are filled with mountains and glaciers that define the glorious region known as Patagonia. This vast, virgin, and distant territory is shared by two countries (Chile & Argentina), offering beautiful and spectacular landscapes, which will take your breath away. Hiking in Patagonia is a dream for any nature or adventure enthusiast, whether you’re a high-risk climber, a slow-and-steady hiker, or somewhere in between.

Argentina has a lot to offer for trekkers and hikers who are feeling excited to get in touch with nature and discover new paths. In fact, Argentina has a national capital for hiking in Patagonia: El Chaltén. This town has the privilege of being part of the Los Glaciares National Park, a protected region with some of the area’s tallest mountains. However, El Chaltén is not the only place to hike; oh no, we have plenty for you all to enjoy! Bariloche, Ushuaia, and Torres del Paine tours (in Chile) are just a few of the best locations and trip experiences that Patagonia has to offer. Patagonia’s world-class hikes put it firmly at the top of most trekkers’ lists.

Where to hike in Patagonia?

El Chaltén, a remote town in the Austral Andes, overlooks the northern and most picturesque portion of Los Glaciares National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site), a natural playground for adventure seekers, hikers, and climbers.

Founded in 1985, this once-tiny village has become a hiking destination – the gateway for world-class routes to the surrounding mountain peaks and lakes, offering some of the greatest trekking in the country; it’s no surprise it’s regarded as Argentina’s “trekking capital.”

El Chaltén is an excellent location for both day excursions and longer treks into the region’s notably beautiful surroundings.

Mount Chaltén, usually covered by clouds, was given the name “Chaltén” by the Tehuelches, which means “smoke mountain”. 


  • Bariloche

You can also enjoy Patagonia hiking experiences in the Lake District whose capital is Bariloche. It is scattered along the banks of the dazzling Lago Nahuel Huapi and in the midst of a national park with the same name, surrounded by some of Argentina’s most beautiful landscapes: inky lakes, green woods, and snow-capped mountains. Nahuel Huapi National Park was the first national park in Argentina, created in 1903 thanks to Francisco Moreno, a scientist who donated the lands.

Bariloche provides a plethora of outdoor activities all year round, with good skiing options in the winter and also one of America’s most important scientific poles, such as the Balseiro Atomic Center.


  • Ushuaia

Ushuaia, nicknamed “the city at the end of the world,” has become a departure point for ships bound for Antarctica. “Ushuaia”, in the Yamaná language means “deep bay.” The Yamanás were a community of hunters that used to live in this area.

Today, Ushuaia offers museums dedicated to the yamanas’ tale, as well as trips to the ruins of several ancient villages. This city is also known for being the home of Argentina’s southernmost prison, which is currently open to the public as a museum.

Among Ushuaia’s many highlights, Patagonia hiking is one of the many attractions inside Tierra del Fuego National Park. The navigation along the Beagle Channel, the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, and the Fagnano and Escondido lakes are must-see destinations too.


Torres del Paine National Park is the #1 destination to enjoy Patagonia hiking in Chile. It is 70 miles from Puerto Natales and 133 miles from El Calafate in Argentina. The park is bordered to the west by Bernardo O’Higgins National Park and to the north by Los Glaciares National Park. In the local Tehuelche language, Paine means “blue,” while Torres means “towers.” The Tehuelches was a community of excellent hunters who still live in Argentina today.

This National Park was established in 1959 and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chilean Patagonia. There are extensive hiking routes, glaciers, lakes, and magnificent mountains inside the park. UNESCO designated the park as a biosphere reserve in 1978, and it was named the world’s eighth wonder in 2013. The most famous among the varied offers of Torres del Paine tours is the W Circuit, a 5-day trekking adventure. It is an incredible trip, but think of booking in advance. There are few places to stay inside the park and they run out fast during the high season. You can also choose to take Torres del Paine tours in winter (May through August), but services are restricted inside the park. 

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