Beagle Channel

The Waters of Explorers

Our Beagle Channel tours features a boat trip to explore the waters sailed by Charles Darwin in 1833. Learn about this historic channel and visit the archeological remains of the Yámanas in Bridges Island.

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How can I tour the Beagle Channel?

There are half-day sailing trips that leave every day from the center of the city. It is a beautiful experience.

What should I wear to navigate the Beagle Channel?

Windbreaker, warm clothes, gloves, comfortable shoes, a hat.

Hot beverages and other are selled inside the boats?

Yes, you’ll enjoy bottomless cocoa, teas and taste the mate (our national drink) if you want.

What is the duration of the exploration in the Beagle Channel?

The exploration is 4 hours. There are daily departures: 9:30 am and 3 pm. The one that includes the visit to the penguin reserve is a full-day exploration.

What are the highlights of the Beagle Channel tour?

The channel itself, the Bird Island where you can see colonies of Royal and Imperial Cormorants throughout the year. In summer you can observe them nesting. Also, it is possible to see Cooking Gulls, Grey, Antarctic Doves, Ducks Vapor, and South American Gulls. Another highlight is the Island of the SeaWolves (2 different species), the Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse and the Bridges Islands where you can visit the remains of the Yamanas.

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