Iberá Wetlands

Ecotourism & Wildlife

Tour Iberá Wetlands to discover the natural environment of alligators, capybaras and marsh deers. Take a horse back ride, a boat trip and learn about the gauchos traditions.

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Is it possible to visit Iberá all year round?

Yes, all explorations can be done all year round.

Why are the Esteros del Ibera important?

This is one of the most important wetlands in the world, the second largest in South America. It is important because of the water resources of the region and because it is the habitat of many unique or endangered species.

What animals can I see in the Esteros del Ibera?

Capybaras, yacarés (a type of crocodile), river otters, marsh deer, yaguaretés, snakes, ñandues, owls, river wolves, wild cats, viscachas, and also a unique type of long-black-leg fox called aguará-guazú (“big fox” in native Guaraní).

How can I visit the Esteros?

It is possible to visit the Esteros doing hiking, boat trips, horseback riding and on your vehicle.

Is it possible to stay in the Esteros?

Yes, there are different hotels in the Esteros and from these eco lodges you can enjoy wildlife explorations.