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Week trips can be enjoy in any destination?

Usually it depends on how far of each other are the attractions you wan to to visit. South America countries are know to be extensive. This is something you need to take into account when planning your vacation length. A week maybe a lot for visiting Buenos Aires but not if you want to visit Buenos Aires and Patagonia. 


Can I extend my week trip with you?

Yes! We can arrange your visit to any other destination you want to explore. Our 3-week trips can take you to visit natural highlights from north to south of Argentina and Chile. With 2 weeks you will probably have to choose between northern or southern destinations to travel to. And with only a week trip you will usually have to choose between 1 and 2 destinations. 



What is your week trip recommendation for couples?

El Calafate and El Chaltén in Patagonia. Specially for active couples and nature lovers.



What is the recommended luggage for a week trip?

It depends on your chosen destinations. A small size suitcase can be enough to stay in Buenos Aires where really low temperatures are rare. But for Patagonia you will definitely be prepare to any kind of weather so maybe a large size bag will be better.



Do you offer trip for less than a week?

Yes. We have short travel itineraries of 3 and 2 days to visit Iguazú from Buenos Aires, Colonia in Uruguay or Mendoza. Contact us if you are interested in other destinations. 



And for a family week trip with young children/teenagers?

Bariloche in Patagonia is the perfect choice for both ages. In fact, Bariloche is a good multi-generational destination in Patagonia because it combines adventure soft and hard tours, beach outings and gastronomic experiences.

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What is a Week Trip?

A week trip is a 7-day journey, going from Monday to Sunday. Some People call a week trip a 5-day trip, especially if talking about a business journey. 

Week Trips are an ideal option if you want to:

    Explore 1 destination in depth (for travelers who enjoy exploring at their own pace). Explore 2 destinations: We recommend this option for curious travelers who want to make the most of their time.  Explore 3 destinations, but not in a week trip! Obviously, it is up to you, but you will probably get to see less of each place and spend more money on superfast transportation.  Talking about speed transportation, think about being a responsible traveler too! Airplanes and cars are faster than trains and ships, but far more pollutant.  Week trips are an economic option, always depending on your destination, and a good break if you’re a bit overwhelmed with your daily tasks. Seven days are enough to disconnect. Think about it as an extra-long weekend! 

You don’t need to spend endless hours planning your trip. Again, it depends on your destination, but week trips characterize being also rather spontaneous and stress-planning-free. (Nevertheless, we always like to make plans and we have done so many, we could easily help you to plan a week trip!).

Finally, a week-long trip frequently becomes a 9-day journey. Let’s say you start your holidays on Monday, many people choose to depart the weekend before.  

Week Trip Ideas

This is the best part! Now that you decided to take that week trip you have been longing for, let us guide you through. If your heart beats for South America, follow it, this is a region to explore, enjoy and remember. We know it, have been everywhere many times! 

However, there are different ways of exploring Argentina, Chile, Peru, Brazil, and the regions where we specialize.  The four are active destinations, that is to say, tours involve physical activity. It can go from a walking tour through the city, to boat trips, hiking trails, horseback riding, cycling, etc…

Also, you should know that trips are defined also for the people you travel with. That is why we also have a week trip idea conceived for families, couples, groups, or solo travelers. 

These are our week’s best trip ideas for you. We hope you’ll love them. But, if you don’t find the type of trip you are interested in, let us know! We specialize in tailor-made travel experiences.


Week Hiking Trip

Well, this is our golden type of trip. Hiking is one of the most beautiful and moving experiences you can have, especially in Patagonia. You can choose to visit Argentina or Chile (or both!) because Patagonia expresses between the two. 

The best about Patagonia is no matter how experienced you are in hiking, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes and live a transformational moment. Hanging glaciers, world-famous peaks, whales, penguins and pumas, hidden lagoons, millenary forests, changing weather. All conspire for you to return home not the same.

A week hiking trip should include hiking options for everyone unless you travel with your expert hiking team. And even if that is the case, another perk of Patagonia is that hiking trails come in all shapes and sizes, from easy nature walks to full-day experiences. 

Best of Patagonia is our top-selling week trip itinerary (9 days) because it combines popular destinations in Patagonia, both in Argentina and Chile and easy hiking experiences. 

If you are looking for a multi-day hiking experience, you should book the W Circuit in Torres del Paine, THE hiking spot in Chilean Patagonia. Five days of walking inside the park and staying at refuges with travelers from all around the world. Not bad! Learn more about this trip.


Week Hiking Trip Packing List

Always have trouble preparing your luggage? These are our recommendations for a week hiking trip in Patagonia:

    Hiking boots are extremely important! No other shoe will keep you comfy and safe like hiking boots. It is worth investing in a good pair. Try to buy boots, it is the best way to spare you silly ankle fractures.  Windbreaker and Gore-Tex t-shirts and leggings. The first will keep you dry also in case of rain (umbrellas do not usually survive in Patagonia…). Beane and warm gloves, even in Summer. Patagonia features extreme temperatures in winter but also is famous for its changing weather all year round. Hiking sticks. These are not only for professional hikers. Sticks will make any hike much more enjoyable. They are also good talismans against broken ankles. 

These are the most important items you may not naturally have in your wardrobe. For a complete guide on packing for a hiking trip to Patagonia watch this video list to pack for Torres del Paine. 


Week Vacation for a Couple

Week vacation for couples is also a popular choice. And by a couple we mean any type of couple, 2 friends, 2 lovers, 2 relatives… you see the point. 

Let’s be honest, most of our weekly vacation itineraries for couples are booked by honeymooners, but as all our trips are tailor-made, any of these trips are easily adapted to family experiences or friends’ vacations. 

The most romantic week of vacation includes a visit to Bariloche, the most beautiful city of Patagonia in Argentina. Bariloche is the capital of the lake region and is locally known as the capital of adventure in Argentina. Facing the mighty Nahuel Huapi Lake, Bariloche boasts an endless charm, day and night. On a week’s vacation for a couple, you can also travel to the Iguazú Falls and enjoy tango lessons in Buenos Aires. Bariloche, Iguazú and Buenos Aires are easily connected by plane. Learn more about it!

Brazil is also a spectacular destination for honeymooners and beachgoers. Iguazú Falls in Northwest Argentina can be easily combined with Río de Janeiro, the famous Brazilian capital of samba, parties, and caipirinhas. Learn more about this trip to Brazil and Argentina!


Week-long Kayak Trip

This is a tough one. Kayak trips are not common, though we love them! Nothing compares to riding on the water facing the mountains, feeling the wind on your face. And there is a perfect destination in Argentina to try this experience. 

One of our popular kayak journeys is not a week trip but a 4-day adventure in Bariloche. It can easily turn into a week’s trip because Bariloche is, as said before, the capital of the Lake District in Argentina. Anyway, check out this trip to go kayaking on Lake Mascardi and also enjoy hiking in Llao Llao natural reserve where you can also visit the world-famous Llao Llao 5-star hotel. There is a tea room full of regional delicatessen.

A local tip: If you fly from Bariloche to El Calafate in southern Patagonia you can kayak in front of the Perito Moreno Glacier!


Week Trip to Glacier National Park

There is a Glacier National Park in Argentina it is where Perito Moreno Glacier can be found. Perito Moreno is one of the most famous attractions in the region and inside the park, but there is much more to see! From full-day visits to ranches to boat trips on Lago Argentino. El Chaltén, the hikers’ favorite village in Patagonia, is also entirely inside the Glacier National Park. 

On a week trip to Glacier National Park, you can enjoy the regular visit to the Perito Moreno, with or without a boat trip, kayak as we’ve already mentioned, or a visit to a special ranch and enjoy 4WD expeditions and horseback riding. Plus, if you’re staying a week, you must stay in El Chaltén for one or two nights and go hiking to Laguna Torre. Or Laguna de Los Tres and see Mount Fitz Roy. There are so many, it is very hard to decide! Learn more about our favorite week trips to Glacier National Park here and also about its self-drive version


Week Trip Summer

Thinking about a week trip in Summer to visit South America? First, something you need to know before you make a decision. If you are coming from any country North of the Equator, let’s say the USA, Britain, or Cánada, during your Summer season we will be facing South America during our Winter season. 

That being said…

You can visit Argentina, Chile, or any other destination at any season you prefer. But, you need to think that, if you want a week trip to the beach, you should probably head to Brazil. Because Patagonia will be fully snowed. 

However, big capitals like Buenos Aires or Santiago de Chile won’t present a major challenge. Our average winter temperature would be lower than yours in most cases. 

The only destination you can not expect to enjoy sunny weather is Patagonia, and even during winter warmer and sunny days can happen. 

Iguazú Falls and North Argentina, like Salta and Jujuy or even the Wine country in Mendoza, are suitable all year round. The same happens with Machu Picchu in Peru, or Lima, the capital.