What to Wear in Buenos Aires

Argentina Travel Posted on 10/28/2016

If you are planning to travel to Buenos Aires, it is good to have some suggestions on what locals wear, what you will be most comfortable in, and an expectation of the climate during your trip to pack accordingly. Here are some tips on what to wear in Buenos Aires.

In Argentina, clothing might be very different from what you’re used to at home, which is why it is so important to think ahead about what to wear in Buenos Aires. In general, Porteños are fairly fancy dressers, with a love of shopping and trends. Expect to see suits and ties downtown, casual styles in areas like the trendy Palermo neighborhood, and stylish evening wear. As a tourist, you’ll want to blend in while staying comfortable. Let’s start with our suggestions of what to avoid, and then we’ll fill you in on what should make the final packing cut. 

what to wear in buenos aires

1. What NOT to wear in Buenos Aires

Hiking clothes

Keep in mind that greater Buenos Aires is a major metropolitan area with a very urban feel. While you want to dress comfortably, you don’t want to draw attention to yourself as a tourist, so try to dress as you would for a day walking around a city at home.

Expensive or Flashy Accessories

Leave your expensive jewelry at home when you travel to Argentina. These accessories attract pickpockets, which can put a major damper on your trip. If you’ve got a hankering to see some beautiful accessories while you’re in Buenos Aires, you can always check out the Evita Museum.

Daytime heles

Or really any uncomfortable shoes for that matter. When going out at night to a milonga (tango bar), boliche (disco), or bar, heels are perfect. But during the day, you should plan on walking a lot, which means that those heels are going to get in the way.

2. What to Wear in Buenos Aires

The city’s climate is generally mild, but there are still marked differences between the seasons. Use this list to plan what to wear in Buenos Aires at the specific time you’ll be visiting: 


(December – February, average highs of 28C/83F, average lows of 17C/63F)

Temperatures rise quickly in Buenos Aires during the summer months, so be prepared to sweat! Humidity percentages are high and the sun shines bright and strong. To prepare for the heat, pack comfortable shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, dresses, sandals, running shoes, one light jacket and one medium jacket, and a hat.


(March-May, average highs of 22C/72F, average lows of 14C/57F)

Temperatures begin to cool down and the rainy season starts, so make sure you are prepared for a range of temperatures. Some days are warm, some are cold and stormy. Bring light pants, shorts, t-shirts, a few light jackets and one heavier jacket, tennis shoes, pair of light boots, an umbrella, and a rain jacket.

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(June – August, average highs of 15C/59F, average lows of 7C/47F)

Although it generally does not snow in Buenos Aires city, temperatures do drop. Since there is so much humidity, the air and winds feel a lot colder than the temperature says. Bring a few heavy jackets, a scarf, gloves, a long shirt, pants, boots, and tennis shoes.

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(September- November, average highs of 22C/72F, average lows of 14C/57F)

Spring is finally here and it is time to rejoice in warmer weather and sunshine! Clothes are similar to those used in fall, as the rain begins again. Shorts, t-shirts, a few light jackets and one heavier jacket, tennis shoes, a few pairs of pants, an umbrella, and a rain jacket.

what to wear in buenos aires

The most important part of traveling is making sure you are comfortable and enjoying what you are doing. Comfort should come first, over trying to keep up with the high heels in Buenos Aires! Learn more about Buenos Aires Tips on our dedicated Travel Guide.

If you’ve enjoyed these tips on what to wear in Buenos Aires, don’t hesitate to contact the travel experts at Say Hueque Argentina Journeys for help planning your Argentina trip!

Adapted from articles written for Say Hueque Argentina Journeys by Nora Wallenius & Brian Athey

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