4 Things to Do in Buenos Aires in Winter

Argentina Travel Posted on 05/10/2018

Many times winter in Buenos Aires is overlooked as a less than opportune time to visit the city. Temperatures drop, there are less people and action on the street, and restaurants’ rooftop terrazas close (oh no!). However don’t despair, because winter in Buenos Aires has plenty of exciting activities to keep you busy in the colder months of June, July, and August. The city is calmer and more relaxed, which makes sightseeing even easier. Plus, temperatures rarely drop below 10C/50F so you won’t be freezing, despite it being winter. 

Here are a few suggestions of how to make the most of your winter visit to Argentina’s capital:

1. Explore Argentine Theater

Buenos Aires is a home to so many fine arts and creative people, making it a culturally rich city when it comes to the theater scene. Already one of the must-visit sites in Buenos Aires, the Teatro Colon is the city’s pride in joy. Its beautifully decorated theater hall will take any visitor’s breath away. You can stop by for a guided tour in English throughout the day to discover all of its grandeur. Then, look to buy tickets for an evening performance, the perfect excuse to go outside during winter weather.

For those whose Spanish is not quite fluent, try out one of the amazing ballet dances. Swan Lake is one of the most popular shows and you won’t need any Spanish skills!

2. Taste incredible cusine 

There are a few traditional dishes that are only eaten in winter in Buenos Aires. Many are hearty and filling like locro and lentils, which are both thick stews. Of course, you can eat parrilla any time of year, especially in winter. Going out for a lovely steak dinner is perfect on a cold winter night. If you are looking for something sweet, try the Argentine version of hot chocolate. Visit one of the olden cafeterias on Avenida Corrientes and ask for a submarino. You will be delivered a glass of warm milk with an entire chocolate bar melting inside – delicious!

3. Learn a little from the world-class museums

Planned a day of walking around the city and it is raining or too cold with Argentine winter weather? Head over to one of the city’s many museums and pass the time soaking in the art culture of Buenos Aires. The MALBA modern art museum is great on a rainy day because the building is partly made of glass so you can see the rainfall while you are warm inside. 

4. Try Out Argentine Wine at a Wine Tasting

Red, red wine, oh how it warms up a cold, winter night. Malbec is the flagship red wine in Argentina, and nothing says winter in Buenos Aires more than a glass of Malbec. There is a huge variety of wine tastings in Buenos Aires, from full dinner tastings to quick testers. Either way you do it, you must have a great charcuterie cheese board and a glass of Malbec. This is a classic winter evening enjoyed all over Argentina.

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