7 Best Places to Visit in Fall in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 07/27/2022

Although Argentina destinations are stunning all year round, the fall season might be an excellent time to enjoy some of them with optimum weather. Stroll through the iconic streets of Buenos Aires, mingle with locals in Northern Argentina peña’s, and discover the natural works of art in this land. Let’s discover which are the 7 best places to visit in the fall in Argentina!

Best places to visit in Fall: Northern Argentina

Iberá Wetlands 

Where to go: Province of Corrientes, Northeast Argentina

Ibera - Safari

Wildlife of The Wetlands

Ready for some really adventurous trip? Fall is the perfect time to embark yourself on this adventure as you will find fewer mosquitos, and heavy rains and most importantly avoid the heavy summer temperatures.

The geography of this island changes constantly as the “embalsados”, native flora that floats over the water, travel as the water moves. Best part? Take a boat trip and get to know alligators, and capybaras: you may want to make a checklist of your must-see fauna species as there are many waiting for you!

Iguazú Falls

Where to travel: Province of Misiones, Northeast Argentina


Jungle for families

Welcome to the mighty jungle! Harboring one of the 7 wonders of the natural world, Iguazú National Park is for sure a one-of-a-kind destination.

Colorful butterflies, lush jungles, and impressive waterfalls await you and your family. The sidewalks will ease your experience by getting you really close to the jumps of waterfalls, which indeed is an experience you will never forget. 

Salta and Jujuy

Where to go: Province of Salta and Jujuy, Northwest Argentina

Jujuy and Salta - Cultural trip

Humahuaca Gorge

This region is characterized by its elevated range temperature. Indeed during summer, temperatures can reach very high levels, so fall is a great time to explore this adventurous land with the weather on your side. The provinces of Salta and Jujuy host landscapes, unlike any other place in the world. Are you ready?

From colorful clothes, jagged mountains, and millenary local culture. Find yourself immersed in the Northern Argentina culture and surrounded by the power of the northern mountains. The Humahuaca Gorg was declared World Heritage by UNESCO and hosts the one and only Seven Colour Hill, Pucará of Tilcara, among other unique attractions. 

Did you know there are thermal baths? They can be visited only during fall or spring, and they locate a 3-hour drive away from Jujuy Airport. Soul researchers, you have reached the right place to discover nature’s work of art!

Best places to visit in Fall: Center of the country

Buenos Aires

Where to go: Province of Buenos Aires, Center of the country

Buenos Aires - Retiro

Buenos Aires Trees’ amazing colors 

Fall or spring is the perfect time to visit this unique city.  The summer heat is gone and the weather is perfect to enjoy the plethora of activities Buenos Aires has to offer. Visit some of the most iconic squares like Plaza de Mayo or Plaza del Congreso, or simply stroll along the world’s widest avenue: 9 de julio avenue.

You can’t truly experience BA without sampling some “empanadas” or visiting typical parrillas (grill) and delighting yourself with local steaks. As fall is Buenos Aires’s low season, you might find lower prices!

Best places to visit in Fall: Patagonia

Bariloche & Lake District

Where to go: Province of Río Negro, Northern Patagonia, Argentina

Bariloche Lakes

Ice and fire color palette

Enjoy the vividly colored foliage views of majestic Patagonia surrounded by nothing but the snow-capped mountain: the best part of Patagonia in fall is the few tourists! The sweet land of Bariloche and the Lake District awaits you painted in fall bright colors. Spot waterfalls, pristine lakes, and colorful mountains. No doubt, the best fall getaway from the city into the magic and immense Patagonia!


Where to go: Province of Tierra del Fuego, Southern Patagonia, Argentina

Ushuaia - wildlife

Pure Patagonia to remember

The End of the World city hosts a spectacular event that occurs during fall, particularly from October to April: have a close encounter with Magellanic Penguins! Sail up to Isla Martillo and meet these incredible creatures.

One of Argentina’s national trademarks also awaits you: Visit the Lighthouse of the End of the World. During fall, it is still a great time to enjoy these unique scenarios with pleasant weather. But… Pure Patagonia is worth everything!

Have you already chosen one of the 7 best places to visit in the fall in Argentina? Get your luggage done and let this adventure begin!

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