Packing For Patagonia, Argentina

Patagonia Travel Posted on 08/24/2019

Traveling to Argentine Patagonia and don’t know what to pack? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. The most important thing you need to consider before packing for Patagonia, Argentina is the intense and constantly-changing weather. Remember, summer in the Northern Hemisphere is winter in the Southern Hemisphere, so a lot depends on when you’re planning to travel.

To help guide you through the packing process, and to give you some personal examples, check out our Say Hueque team member, Ian, telling us what he has learned from experience about packing for Patagonia:

Regardless of when you’re heading down, bring warm clothes! This cannot be stressed enough. The Patagonian winds are infamous for being harsh and unrelenting. Even if you are traveling during Argentine summer and are blessed with a lovely, warm sunny day, the winds can come out of nowhere and practically blow you away in no time. So be sure to bring windbreakers/North Face jackets, a hat, gloves, long pants and scarves. Basically, bundle-up clothes.

If you plan to travel to Patagonia from October through April, you should be prepared for a variety of weather conditions and as such, bring a variety of clothing for each of the seasons.  We suggest a warm fleece, wind/waterproof jacket, comfortable walking shoes, pants and socks, a warm hat, sunglasses and a daypack for the daily excursions and walks.  While October through April is the best time to travel to Patagonia and enjoy the mountains, glaciers and picturesque lakes, the weather can be fickle.  It can be sunny and warm (25C / 75F) during the afternoon and then it can be quite windy, chilly (5C / 41F) and even rainy, depending on where you are in the region.

Packing for Patagonia

If you are packing for Patagonia and are traveling to Bariloche during the Argentine winter, you are obviously planning to ski. So be sure to bring along your skis and skis boots, unless you’re planning to rent once you get there.  Although we love to ski, you should consider visiting Bariloche from mid September to April to take advantage of the warm spring and summer weather.   It is ideal for hiking and kayaking.

Heading to the glaciers? Be prepared for some strong, freezing Antarctic winds. Though summer can be very pleasant and dry, winter will chill you to the bone if you don’t bring the proper clothing. During the summer, it won’t get dark until around 11 pm, so prepare yourself for some long days of hiking and exploring. Good hiking shoes/boots are a must. If you are going to travel in Patagonia and walk along some of the mountain trails, do not forget the sunscreen! The sun in Patagonia can leave you with a nasty sunburn.

When packing for Patagonia, do not forget your camera!  The glaciers and natural phenomena in the area are not to be believed, and you’ll definitely want to capture some memories.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a plug adapter for your electronics so you can charge up that camera and whatever other gadgets you’re taking along. In Argentina the three-wire type “I” plug with rectangular prongs is used. In some places you’ll find a combination of a C and I plug in Argentina, but it’s best to bring an adapter to be sure. We recommend finding one at home and bringing it with you so you don’t have to worry about searching once you get here. Buying one at an airport can prove very expensive, so it’s best to buy one at home.

Double and triple-check your list when packing for Patagonia. In such an isolated and natural area, you don’t want to find yourself missing something important. Since the area is so spread out and remote, stores know that they can get away with charging absurdly high prices for essentials. All in all, make sure you are well-prepared for the harsh weather, and you are sure to have an amazing adventure in Patagonia.

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