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Argentina Travel Posted on 01/07/2020

If you’re looking for things to do during your stay in Buenos Aires a visit to the famous Teatro Colón is a great idea. The renowned theater, which is repeatedly hailed as one of the best concert venues in the world, has a rich history and has become a cultural gem of the city over the years. Located in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires, the more than 100 year old building is an architectural landmark, drawing thousands of visitors, both from within Argentina and around the world, each year.

 Updated to April 2024

Inside view of the colon theatre from abvove

Although the current building that houses the Teatro Colón was built in the early 20th century, this building is the second location of the grand theater. Prior to moving to its present location, the theater was located in Plaza de Mayo, just next to Casa Rosada, from 1857-1888. After a decision to replace the old theater and a subsequent period of 20 years to build the new masterpiece, the current Teatro Colón was inaugurated on May 25, 1908. Following the new building’s construction the theater experienced a period of great success. Hosting many singers and opera companies among the most famous in the world, the theater came to develop a stellar reputation. However, over time the theater’s appearance began to decline and required a period of renovation. Completed in 2010, the theater is once again on par with the top venues in the world, offering an incredible experience to all who visit.

Each year the Teatro Colón attracts talent from across the globe, including operas, ballets and musical concerts. This year is no exception and the 2020 season is set to be a great one for the theater. Check out the updated performance calendar for this year!

Whether you are an arts enthusiast or not, a visit to the Teatro Colón is a unique experience that anyone will enjoy. Sign up for a guided tour of the theater and learn about its history while you tour the most important parts of the famous landmark. General Admission for the guided tours is $1000 Argentine Pesos and can be paid with cash or credit card at the theater’s ticket office. With its state of the art acoustics and aesthetically pleasing architecture, you will quickly discover why it is known as one of the best venues in the world. You definitely do not want to miss this site during your visit to Buenos Aires!

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Written by Will Collier

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