The Stargazing Sites in Argentina and Chile

Patagonia Travel Posted on 03/22/2019

Looking for Things to do in Patagonia? Maybe stargazing jumps on the list but this is not the only place…Here are some of the most gorgeous places for stargazing in Chile and Argentina that will leave you at a loss for words.

Updated to April 2024

Did you know that almost half of all telescopes can be found in Chile? If anything at all, this makes the country one of the most ideal and romantic places for some serious stargazing.

Another excellent place for stargazing is none other than Argentina. With its clear, dark skies, you will be left in utter awe at the magnificent beauty and allure of nature in Argentina.

1. San Pedro de Atacama

There is no better place for stargazing than San Pedro de Atacama. With its crystal-clear skies, no light pollution, and 300-plus cloud-free days, it is no surprise why San Pedro de Atacama is an absolute must-visit place for stargazing.

This place in northern Chile boasts the ideal stargazing conditions, including a high altitude, the driest non-polar air on earth, and exceptionally unpolluted skies.

This leaves you with dazzling night skies that tell you tales of the mysteries of this universe.


2. Torres del Paine

Patagonia certainly has no shortage of beautiful vistas and endless spots for some exotic stargazing. The jagged mountain peaks with their skyward stretching glaciers are the perfect complement for the Southern Hemisphere skies that glow in the night as a myriad of blazing stars lights up the stark, white ice.

Chile’s perfect blend of low levels of light pollution, high altitudes, and clear skies all year round pave the way for some of the most breathtaking night skies that your eyes could possibly ever witness if you are looking for things to do in Patagonia.

things to do in Patagonia

3. Patagonia

As you peer at the cloudless and mesmerizing winter sky of Patagonia, your eyes will also witness the snow-capped Andean peaks. One of the best things to do in Patagonia because of the beautiful night skies is the most breathtaking stargazing on Earth. With its pristine wilderness, unique wildlife, and gorgeous mountains, lakes, and glaciers, all in plain sight, your stargazing experience in Patagonia will truly leave you mesmerized.

things to do in Patagonia

4. San Juan

San Juan is a beautiful city located in west-central Argentina. It has some of the most magical and spectacular night skies to offer. As soon as darkness hits the skies, you will see a stunning spark across the skies laced with bright shimmering stars that give you the perfect opportunity for exceptional stargazing. What’s more? The province of San Juan is known for its world-renowned observatories. Hence, be sure to make your way to El Leoncito when you visit here. The institute holds stargazing events that are informative and entertaining. Subsequently, they provide you with an astronomical insight into the shimmering skies above.

Are you ready to embark on a spectacular and unforgettable stargazing tour yet?

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