Meet the Ecological Jungle Train in Iguazú Falls

Argentina Travel Posted on 08/14/2013

It might come as something of a surprise that the jungle environment found in the Iguazu Falls National Park once covered many thousands of acres in every direction. Nowadays, only the relatively little that remains requires careful protection by both authorities and the public in general. 

Iguazu Falls - Wildlife

One’s visit to this famous spot, no matter how ecologically conscientious, could easily result in the continuing destruction of this valuable habitat. However, at Iguazu, this set of problems has been very satisfactorily dealt with in a variety of ways. In terms of access to the park (in order to avoid pollution, running over animals, and too much noise) authorities have developed a train system known as the Ecological Jungle Train Iguazu Falls. This track eases access into the various parts of the park without disturbing the careful balance of the habitat.

The Iguazu Ecological Jungle Train

What is the ecological jungle train of Iguazú Falls like?

The Ecological Jungle Train of Iguazú Falls, is a quiet, natural gas powered train that leaves from the central station (near the park entrance) and ends close to the Devil’s Throat. Its14 kilometer, 25 minute journey heads into unseen parts of the park. Its quiet, open plan allows those riding to see as well as hear the jungle forest, taking in all that comes with being in the jungle (the smells, sounds, feeling of the humid air and dense vegetation) without having to leave the train’s comfort.

What is the route?

The train leaves the central station and crosses both of the park’s main walking paths, the Sendero Macuco and the Sendero Verde

The latter of these is the walking path that brings one to both the upper and the lower circuits. Stopping at the Cataratas station, visitors can proceed either to the panoramic upper circuit, or get closer to the river, the water and the vegetation in the lower circuit. 

This first station is a convenient place to grab a little bite to eat and use the bathroom before going to these circuits. From there, the train continues more deeply into the jungle, heading for the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) trail. 

The train is the only way to progress to this important highlight of the Iguazu Falls National Park, and serves as a good suspense builder as it putters silently through the jungle. At night, during a full moon tour, this effect is doubly magnified.

Riding the train is included in the park fee and plays an important role in maintaining this valuable habitat. By controlling the concentration of crowds while giving them a chance to pass intimately through the jungle, the Ecological Jungle Train enhances and preserves Iguazú Falls National Park. Furthermore, it grants access to this wonder of nature for those who aren’t able to hike there, and is fun in and of itself, making it surely an integral part of any tour in Iguazu Falls.

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