Argentina landscape – Where to find the bests?

Argentina Travel Posted on 06/23/2019

The Argentina landscape is extremely varied and ranges from steep Patagonian snow-capped mountains to tropical jungles and waterfalls. It is one of the largest countries in South America, with a stunning north-to-south expanse of 9,376 km of diverse terrain. Argentina is divided into seven geographical regions, each with its own climate, topography, and local culture.

The wide range of Argentina’s landscape allows visitors to have multiple travel experiences in a single trip to the country. Don’t be surprised when you’re blown away by its beautiful natural wonders!

1. Northern Argentina Landscape: Desert and Mountain

In the Argentine Northwest, indigenous cultural destinations like Salta and Jujuy are housed in rugged mountains and deep valleys, whose red rock walls are seeped with a rainbow of colors. Natural are some of the most exquisite landscapes offered in the whole country. The Northwest climate varies from generally dry with light rainfall, to cold nighttime winter temperatures.

Have you ever been to Salt Flats? Salinas Grandes is one of the most impressive ones and can be found in Salta & Jujuy.  The Argentina landscapes will never disappoint you!


2. Jungle Argentina Landscape – The inevitable Iguazu Falls and the Devil’s Throat

Head over to the subtropical northeastern region, often compared to Mesopotamia with a hot and humid tropical climate and endless greenery and vegetation, like the area surrounding world-famous Iguazu Falls. Nearby, Gran Chaco has a very hot subtropical climate, with low sloping planes to handle the generous amount of rain. 

The mighty Iguazu Falls will marvel at you no doubt. Explore this enormous National Park through its walkways, or even you can catch a ride on the Ecological Train: these Argentina landscapes include tropical rainforest, lush jungles, and thousands of butterflies and toucans.

Iguazu Falls - Wildlife

3. Middle land Argentina landscape – The Pampas

Start traveling down towards the middle of Argentina for a drastic change in Argentina’s landscape. The Pampas, famous for the Gaucho culture, contain fertile grassy plains, perfect for raising livestock and living off the land. Expect cooler temperatures in the winter in The Pampas. 

Buenos Aires is an enchanting city all year round. During summer, hot temperatures may lead you to visit nearby towns like San Antonio de Areco, to learn all about the Gaucho culture while enjoying some local wines by the pool. In the city center, marvel at the architecture, incredible domes, and historical buildings to discover this vibrant city’s history and culture.

Buenos Aires - City tour

4. Patagonia, the most popular and desired landscape in Argentina

Lastly, head down to the end of the world to Patagonia, filled with rocky steppes, dense grassland, and subantarctic forests and mountains. Check out winter snow sports or summer mountain bike rides in the same area!

Adventure and Argentina landscapes that will stun you, are around every corner. Even though, here we recommend you the following trips to Explore magnificent Patagonia:

Route-seven-lakes-Argentina: pristine lakes and lush mountains

El Chalten: discover endless hiking trails in the national capital of hiking

Bariloche: sweet land, taste local chocolate, and marvel at this charming city

Ushuaia: the End of the World indeed! This island awaits you


As you can see, no trip to Argentina is the same! There are destinations for all interests depending on what type of trip you are looking for. Let Say Hueque Argentina Journeys help plan your next trip to Argentina!

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