What are the Chilean slang words?

Chile Travel Posted on 04/01/2021

Knowing the jargons of the countries are essential to be able to communicate in the correct way when we travel. In this case, if you are going to travel to Chile, we are going to tell you the words that you should know.

Chile is a Spanish-speaking country. In theory, any citizen who speaks Spanish could communicate without inconvenience, but there are certain Chilean expressions that may be incomprehensible to any foreigner, and that will make them understand something that is not entirely correct. If you are going to travel across Chile, it is essential that you know them.

Chilean slang words


To affirm and deny, Chileans do not just say “yes” or “no.” To these words they always add a “po” at the end, which accounts for a certain obviousness of the answer. Saying “yes” is more formal and normal, if you say “yes” it is like “obviously yes”. The “po” is also added to other words, such as “now”, “good”, “there we see”, among many others. The point is that the “po” makes everything seem more obvious.


A very common expression in Chile that is related to the word “imagine” or that tries to explain a situation. It comes from the English term “to catch” which refers to catching, but which is used to refer to understanding or understanding something.

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In Chile, the word pololo is used to name the boyfriend or the suitor. For example: “Tonight I am going to invite John, my boyfriend to dinner”, “We have been boyfriend to four months and we are very good together”, “In the news they said that who murdered the girl was his boyfriend.”

It should be noted that in this South American country the verb pololear is also used. This action consists of establishing a formal romantic bond with another person or developing a kind relationship with the intention of obtaining something. What the bloomers do, in short, is pololear.


In Chile, the word “piola” is often used to express that something is unnoticed or unimportant. 


The word weá is “wea” used by Chileans and can use it on any occasion but usually an informal word which usually replaces the word “thing”.


Among friends it is used as a synonym for “person”. It can also be used as a synonym for “fool”.


“Webiar” can be: doing nonsense, annoying someone or acting unproductively in a situation whose seriousness or formality is superior to the subject himself.


“Choro” is said to be something that is entertaining, flashy, graceful, or interesting.


It is an expression that is used when something is very good, striking, entertaining.

“La raja”

Expression that Chileans use when they like something or it seems great.

“La zorra”

Chileans use it to say that something is great or very good. It can also be used when disaster remains in party events or personal life.


Synonymous with boring, without grace, nothing interesting, not a shine.


Like “fome”, penca is used to describe something boring, heavy, bad vibes.


Expression of regret at some unexpected event.


“Brígido” can be used as an expression of something creepy or something cool.


It is a Chilean word that can be used for several things. It can be used on people, objects and moments. Bacan means fantastic, great, extraordinary.


Carrete in Chile is a way of saying party, especially if it is in a house.


Depending on the context, it can mean things like: exaggerated, too big, great, too flashy, unexpected, and amazing.


Expression that means: a lot, too much, enough.

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