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Argentina Travel Posted on 06/20/2014

Located in the far northeastern corner of Argentina, a tour from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls requires some planning. And it is not surprising that amid the semi-tropical corner of Argentina, the town of Puerto Iguazu has developed based on the tourism industry alone.  With a focus on tourism around the named World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Puerto Iguazu offers everything from the most luxurious to the most budget-friendly places to stay and eat, all while maintaining a certain amount of charming local culture.

1. Touring to Iguazú Falls

Placed along the banks of the river, only 18 kilometers from the National Park and the Falls, Puerto Iguazu is a place many will spend a pleasant time. There are several fun and informative things to do here to supplement a tour of the Iguazu Falls. Consider seeing the monument to the three frontiers (where Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil all meet), or La Aripuca, a monument designed to capture the conscience of man regarding the plight of the rainforest. It is thoughtfully made of recycled tropical trees and designed like a Guarani trap.

Wildlife of the Iguazú Falls

If one visited Iguazu Falls and missed viewing some of its tremendous bird life, head over to the Guira Oga, a wildlife refuge center where many of these species are cared for before being returned to the wild. There is also a wood carving museum (containing images of the jungle), a museum detailing the struggles of the Guarani people with the help of the Jesuit missions called the Mbororé, and an active craft fair with many artisans.

Tour Iguazu Falls

2. Boat Adventure in the Iguazú Falls

If one hasn’t had enough waterfalls and would like to enjoy some time in a quiet park where only locals go, then find the Salto Mariposa, just before the border with Brazil. A similar spot, right in front of the Guira Oga garden, and accessible by bus is a natural amphitheater called Nuestra Señora de Iguazu. There is an interesting cross made out of vines here, as well as during religious festivals a statue of Santa Maria of Iguazu.

A relaxing day near a waterfall in Iguazú.

Iguazú Falls Gastronomy

There are a variety of great places to eat in Puerto Iguazu; for specific suggestions check out the Say Hueque Iguazu Falls Travelguide. In general, consider trying some of the tasty local fish options (Surubi and Pacu in particular!). There are several higher-priced, very nice places romantically located in the more expensive hotels. If one desires to rub elbows with some of the local youth, across the Plaza San Martin is a great place to enjoy some of the best beef and French fries in town.

3. Iguazu Falls Walking Trail

It is tempting to rush one’s tour in the Iguazu Falls region, given the vast number of places to see throughout Latin America. This would be a mistake. Puerto Iguazu is a unique part of Argentina and offers a chance to get to know a region and people that have more in common with neighboring Paraguay than those in the Capital and the Pampas. So take some time and enjoy a tour of Iguazu Falls and Puerto Iguazu.

Tour Iguazu Falls

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