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Foodies' Guide Posted on 05/06/2015

Trying out local cuisine is a great way to discover the local traditions and customs of a new place. The northwestern region of Argentina has its own distinct cuisine, a combination of locally grown ingredients and flavors commonly associated with other South American countries like Bolivia and Peru. The cuisine is renowned for its unique flavors and incorporation of indigenous cooking. 

If you are planning to visit Salta, there are many Salta restaurants that serve up regional specialties such as empanadas, locro (a savory stew of corn, beans and potato), humita (steamed corn husks filled with corn and cream), and tamales (corn flour wrapped in husks filled with meat and potatoes).

Here are a few suggestions for Salta restaurants to check out during your visit: 

El Patio de la Empanada

One of the top eateries in the city of Salta, this open air patio offers family run booths that sell fare-like delicious “empanadas salteñas” (Salta’s style of empanadas). The food comes at a great value for the price and is very popular with locals. ( Esteco 299, Salta)

La Vieja Estación 

Head over to the west side of Plaza 9 de Julio to Balcarce street, an area filled with bars, cafes, and outdoor eating spots. Close to the train station are a few blocks of lively restaurants. La Vieja Estación has traditional dishes and live music on the weekends, making it a good place to experience the local culture and a great spot for people-watching. (Balcarce 875)

Peña Balderrama 

A must-visit peña (a local restaurant and folklore music hall), Peña Balderrama offers a chance to view (and even participate!) in dance performances, live folk music, and munch on tasty snacks like empanadas, pizzas, and tamales. (Av. San Martín 1126)

El Charrúa 

Missing Argentine meat? Then check out the best parrilla in Salta, which serves the classic Argentine parrilla with a twist of Salta specialties like locro and goat.

If you’re planning a trip to Salta, make sure to keep these Salta restaurants in mind. You won’t want to miss out on the delicious cuisine of northwestern Argentina! (Caseros 221)

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