Iguazu Falls – La Gran Aventura Boat Ride

Argentina Travel Posted on 10/31/2013

Have you ever had an adrenaline rush just from sitting down? The Iguazu Falls Gran Aventura Boat Ride is a journey of thundering thrills and spills that will put you right in touch with the sheer force of nature and have your heart thudding with excitement just from taking a seat on one of the large power boats.

1. How does this adventure start?

The boats hold around 50 people and are stationed opposite the Isla San Martin on the Argentine side of the waterfalls. Once everyone has gotten into the boat (equipped with big, orange life jackets) it takes an arcing route around the island towards the Brazilian side, powering through the ferocious rapids that provide jumps and lurches to get your body tingling. Wearing bikinis or swimming trunks is strongly advised as the spray that hits you as soon as the boat embarks will be the least of the problems for any normal clothing you may be wearing. 

Iguazu Falls - Natural Wonder

2. Experience a connection with the Iguazu Falls

All of a sudden you are heading toward the Garganta del Diablo, as waterfalls crash either side and drown out the screams of excitement from the people bouncing around you. Going to the foot of the devil’s throat would be far too dangerous; the power of the falls is at its highest here as one can see from the constant cloud of water vapor that defines the throat of the waterfall and denies anyone from seeing the river below. Instead the boat arrows towards the cascades on the side of Isla San Martin. Suddenly you are blinded by spray as you are driven right below the deafening wall of water. Stretch your arms out and embrace this extraordinary contact with Iguazu falls.


3. How does this experience end?

The boat will take you round for another wet rollercoaster into the fray on the other side of Isla San Martin and drop off you off either at the same station or further down the river to continue the Gran Aventura with a Safari Jeep ride into the jungle. You can be sure that at this point you will be completely soaked, from head to toe, so make sure you have something dry to put on after your boat ride comes to an end.


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