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Posted on 10/26/2016 Inspirational Trips & News

Getting to Torres del Paine: New Puerto Natales Airport

As anyone who has ever traveled to Patagonia will tell you, one of the hardest parts of planning the trip is figuring out how to get from one place to the other. In Patagonia, distances are long, airports are few, and there are so many incredible places to see in far too little time. Fortunately, for those wondering about getting to Torres del Paine, a new regional airport is opening to commercial flights, which will reduce travel time from other destinations like Santiago and Buenos Aires.

Of all the major destinations in Patagonia, Torres del Paine is possibly the most remote. Tourists arriving to this Patagonia National Park by plane currently have to fly into another regional airport—typically El Calafate or Punta Arenas—and then make several lengthy bus rides, first to Puerto Natales, then on to the park itself. However, tourists planning on getting to Torres del Paine later this year will now be able to fly directly from Santiago to Puerto Natales, meaning less travel time and more time to enjoy the beauty of Patagonia.

The Teniente Julio Gallardo Airport in Puerto Natales is expected to be open for commercial flights from December to February this year, just in time for the main tourist season in Torres del Paine. Two Chilean airlines, LATAM and Sky, will offer flights from Santiago to this airport: LATAM on Tuesdays and Saturdays beginning on December 6th, and Sky on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays beginning on December 20th. For now, the only one of the Argentina airports that will have a connection with Puerto Natales is Ezeiza Airport in Buenos Aires (flights operated by LATAM).

If you’re looking for more Argentina travel tips for your upcoming trip, check out the Torres del Paine and Patagonia sections of our blog. For help getting to Torres del Paine and other destinations in Patagonia, contact the travel advisors at Say Hueque Argentina Journeys.

Written by Michelle Lenze

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