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Posted on 10/24/2015 Foodies' Guide

Buenos Aires Restaurants: 3 Most Unique Dining Experiences

Buenos Aires isn’t lacking when it comes to nightlife, music, art, and culture. However, for those brave enough to try something unique and more off-the-beaten-path, there are some Buenos Aires restaurants that can cure your hunger for something adventurous, and I’m not necessarily talking about the food.

When we typically think of unique dining experiences, it’s easy to assume strange, foreign dishes like insects or morcilla (blood sausage), however, for those looking for the full unique experience, I encourage you to try these 3 Buenos Aires restaurants that won’t disappoint.


Te Mataré Ramirez

Looking for something to satisfy your sexual hunger? Look no further than Te Matare Ramirez – the erotic, aphrodesiac dining experience. Marked by a modest sign on the outside, curious diners are led into the scarlet room, grandiose velvet drapes cover everything from the windows to the tables to the chairs. This X-rated Buenos Aires restaurant resembles something close between a brothel and a romantic couples dinner in a surprisingly classy way. Cut outs and nudes of women cover the walls as sensual tango artists dance across the stage in a movement of eroticism and beauty.

The main attraction, of course, is the food. Te Matare Ramirez’s menu is filled with aphrodisiacs and odes to sexual innuendos intricately woven into everything from the appetizers to the desserts. A personal favorite, “Shameless and Volcanic, He Conquered Me with Obscene Words,” is a lamb dish stuffed with eggplant, tomatoes and topped with parmesan cheese.

Don’t fear the overly erotic ambiance of this Buenos Aires restaurant, Te Matere Ramirez takes naughty topics and turns them into comfortable entertainment. While the restaurant most often caters to romantic couples, it’s truly a place for all including friendly coeds looking for a fun night, and unique, dining experience.


Teatro Ciego

Curiosity, anxiety, excitement – all part of the highly-acclaimed blindfold restaurant, Teatro Ciego. Brave patrons are blindfolded and lead into a room of complete darkness, hands on shoulder, one cautious step after the other. After the first 5 minutes of intensity, the smell of food begins wafting in the air and the Spanish melodies of a live singer fill your ears. Soon enough, you’ll start smelling other scents and even feel sprinkles of water. The theatrical show is a play on senses, minus the visuals of course, and the entire event is centered around tapping into your imagination.

While the initial moments of eating in pure darkness is a slightly unnerving, after a while the sensations start coming into play and you understand all the hype. It’s a sensory overload of smells, sounds, textures, and tastes. Where visuals may be lacking, Teatro Ciego makes up for with incredible food.


The Argentine Experience

This is a full-blown evening experience, and one that should be done towards the beginning of your trip. It explains much of the Argentine culture in a delightfully interactive night full of wine, food and socializing. Sharing a long, communal table as to chat with and get to know the others who also want to experience Argentina’s culture, much of the night is hands-on. It begins by making your own empanadas that you get to fill with your selected filling, and designing another more creative one for a contest (winner wins a coveted prize).

Your steaks come out sizzling and cooked to perfection after being prepared for 24 hours. So basically, be prepared for the best steak you’ve eaten in a long time. There are also different wines being poured for you that have been matched to your food with the utmost precision. Despite all of these gourmet details, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed as your hosts explain the quirks and customs of the country through hilarious demonstrations.

The night is topped off with the figurative cherry: a make-your-own alfajores station and an instructional round of how to prepare mate, which you share with those you came to dinner with. You leave feeling extremely satisfied and more bonded not only with your friends or family, but also with the people you met around the table.


Take your grumbling tummies to any of these 3 Buenos Aires restaurants and you’ll leave satisfied. While I would encourage some research before going (especially for Teatro Ciego), approach these dining experiences with open eyes, for it will be a night you surely won’t forget.

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