Authentic Argentine Asado: Where Can I Find the Best Steak in Buenos Aires?

Foodies' Guide Posted on 06/13/2017

While wandering the streets of Buenos Aires, it is hard not to think that there is a parrilla, or steakhouse, on every block. Everywhere you look another local restaurant claims to have the best beef in town. In a city filled with options, it is important to know where to go for the best steak in Buenos Aires.

When looking for a good Buenos Aires steakhouse, there are many excellent choices. It really just depends on the experience you are looking for. Ranging from a local corner shop to a high-end restaurant, there are various options depending on your budget and desired atmosphere. It is always good to try a few, so you can get a taste for the range of cooking styles, side options, and specialties in each place.

Listed below are some of our recommendations for where to find the best steak in Buenos Aires. We selected these restaurants as standouts in their specific price range, so whether you’re looking for a cheaper parrilla experience or a more fancy Buenos Aires steakhouse, we hope you will be able to find something that suits you.

The best steak in Buenos Aires

  • Las Cabras

Known for the constantly large crowd gathered on the corner sidewalk outside the restaurant, Las Cabras is a solid go-to option for quality and quantity at a low price. Order the parrillada for two to enjoy a variety of cuts of meat, which are cooked on the huge parrilla in the open kitchen. The side Cesar salad is a must! Get there early for a relaxing table outside and to chat with friends.

  • Desnivel

A Buenos Aires staple in San Telmo, Desnivel is popular with tourists and locals alike. The large dining area has different sections, so try to get a section by the parrilla, where you can observe the master asador constantly rearranging the meats on the grill. The bife de chorizo is excellent here, washed down with a sweet Malbec wine. What the place lacks in atmosphere, it makes up for in flavor.

  • La Cabrera

One of the top restaurants in the city, La Cabrera offers top quality plates for those looking for a more refined dining experience. A beautiful restaurant that especially caters to tourists, you can try a large variety of side dishes along with your meat. There is a reason it is popular with visitors– it always delivers what it promises. A well cooked steak, like the bife de lomo, will stay on your taste buds all night long.

  • Las Carnitas

A bit of a hole in the wall, this small eatery serves up some of the best carne in Buenos Aires. Abundant portions, excellent personal service, and of course the meat is spectacular. It is necessary to add that Las Carnitas won’t break your wallet– so save room for dessert!

Did you pick a place yet? Let us know which place you think has the best steak in Buenos Aires!

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