Best Places to Visit in South America in December

South America Travel Posted on 06/23/2022

Welcome to South America’s summer vibes! Planning your next adventure to South America in December? Great choice. Although the landscapes in this continent are spectacular all year round, indeed one of the best places to visit in South America in December is Patagonia. Buckle down while we share our best places to visit in South America in December!

1. El Calafate

Looking for a truly breathtaking experience? You have reached the right place. Navigate to the channel and get face to face with the Icy Giant: the one and only Perito Moreno Glacier. December is a great time to visit as during summer chunks of ice are more likely to happen, so indeed you will be able to observe the famed booming chunks of ice that break off, fall, and crash into the icy cold glacier lakes below. 

Best part? Put your crampons on and walk over this imposing glacier. Once up there, appreciate the inside of the glacier and finish the day with a zip of whiskey with the ice of the Perito Moreno Glacier itself!!

  • Immerse yourself in the Gaucho’s local culture by visiting the 30,000 acres oldest ranch in the area!

2. El Chaltén

Discover the National Capital of Hiking. Countless hiking trails for you and your family await you, as there are all kinds of levels for everyone to have an awesome time. 

As we always say, the best rewards are for the most intrepid adventurers: El Chaltén houses the majestic Mount Fitz Roy. Hike up to the foot of this famed mountain, indeed one of the best places in South America to travel to in December as the weather is a little bit more gentle and not that freezing.

  • One hour away from El Chaltén’s village,  you can do some trekking up to El Chorrillo del Salto. Short but stunning, this hiking trail reward is a beautiful waterfall surrounded by native Patagonia orchids.


3. Torres del Paine

Hiking lovers welcome to heaven! Explore the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park. The most famous circuit is called “W”, and in 5 days you get to see all the main highlights of this national park, such as the Paine Horns or the Paine Towers.

But fun and adventure don’t stop there. Visit this area as an expert: Join the hiking trail leading to Grey Glacier, and meet Lake Pehoé and Mount Paine Grande, while surrounded by hundreds of whistling birds. Breathtaking views in the southernmost region of Chile are guaranteed!

  • For the most intrepid: Hike to French Valley, crossing over Frend River, and you can say you have conquered the core of Paine Massif!


4. Lake District

Just as the name states, marvel at this region’s pristine lakes and blue water mirrors. It is indeed a nature’s work of art, and Argentina gets to call it theirs. The Lake District has everything from underwater forests to charming villages, sweet chocolates, and tea houses – this area has it all and more!

If you were hoping to visit the main national parks of this area, you are in the right place. Begin your journey from Bariloche to San Martin de Los Andes, passing through Villa La Angostura magic village. Up to now, you should have already met the imposing Lanin Volcano and maybe you have decided to stop in Villa Traful to discover Pozones De Caleufú and Meliquina Lake.

  • Rent a car and hit the road! Enjoy a self-drive tour: is a great opportunity to bond as a family.


5. Ushuaia

Located at the southernmost tip of the continent, Ushuaia shall not be missed on your best places to travel in South America list. The End of the World has its own magic. If you appear to be on the 21st of December in Ushuaia, you will be able to join the locals in celebrating the longest day of the year – the day lasts 17 hours!

Everybody can have a blast on Ushuaia’s island, honeymooners, or family vacationers. Luxurious accommodation or adventure activities await you here! Isla Martillo harbors an iconic creature of this southern destination: Hello Magellanic Penguins! Have a close encounter with these amazing mammals and create some everlasting memories for the whole family.

  • Visit Tierra del Fuego National Park! Catch a ride on the End of the World Train to discover this majestic natural area and all kinds of history about former prisoners’ inhabitants.

Ushuaia - Beagle-channel-argentina

So, although the best places to visit in South America in December are countless, these were our 5 Patagonian favorite ones to recommend. Start planning your next trip to South America and let the adventure begin!

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