What are the Best Beaches in Chile?

Chile Travel Posted on 03/22/2021

Are you planning your next trip to Chile and want to know which are the best beaches in the country? Here are our recommendations and some travel tips to spend the best time on the Pacific Chilean shores and in other hidden beaches, you must visit!

1. Best beaches at the Pacific Ocean

Being one of the largest countries in South America, Chile features all kinds of beaches, from the desertic north, passing by the lake district and Patagonia. Find more information about the best beaches on the Pacific coast and plan a beach trip from north to south.


North, bordering Peru, 2030 km from Santiago de Chile

Arica is the town of the eternal Spring, and their beaches are known for their always-warm waters and the magical sunsets. This is the perfect place to do surf and bodyboard. Nearby, you’ll appreciate the Morro de Arica a fabulous mountain facing the coast, where trekking and skyline can be enjoyed. 

In Arica you must visit the Playa Tortuga and Playa de Alacrán:

  • Playa Tortuga: The best place to practice kayak while turtle spotting! This is an important beach since it’s like a nature reserve for these animals. Though it’s not officially regulated by the government, you must be very careful not to make any alteration to the landscapes.
  • Playa Alacrán: This is the paradise for surfers. Here you can find 4-meter waves, “the perfect waves” as they are known locally. This is a good spot to enjoy bodyboard. You can access it easily by taking Comandante San Martín Avenue.


Valle de Copiapó

Middle of the country, 800 km from Santiago de Chile

Valle de Copiapó is a multifaceted region surrounding the city of Copiapó. In this valley, national parks with amazing wildlife, day trips to lagoons and hiking trails are some of the many attractions. And this is where you’ll find one of the best beaches in Chile, called Playa Virgen.

  • Playa Virgen: This white-sand, the ethereal beach is known to be one of the best in Chile. Its turquoise waters and perfect views are the delights of any travel that reaches the place to enjoy a relaxing vacation. It’s located south of Bahía Inglesa, and there are campsite and romantic sea-view cottages to rent.
  • Bahía Inglesa: Beside Playa Virgen, Bahía Inglesa features the best spot to do kitesurf but also for bike tours to explore the surrounding desert. For family trips, you must head north to the Bahía and reach Playa Piscina -literally “Swimming pool Beach”-. The rocky structure of this beach built natural pools, really safe to bathe in. 


South, 200 km from Santiago de Chile

This is the southernmost paradise for surfers. Here waves go up to 9 meters of adrenaline and adventure! Cliff over the beach and numerous viewpoints are the delights of romantic travelers. This is a destination that combines explorations into the sea, woods, country fields and city, where you must try the delicious local gastronomy. 

  • Punta de Lobos: This beach was declared World Reserve of Surf and the cradle of the annual Surf Championship. Surf is the main activity on this beach, but if it’s not your choice, you can enjoy the amazing sunsets while trying the best seafood in Chile. 

2. Best lakeside beaches in Chile

Many people forget that some of the best beaches you can visit in Chile are not at the Pacific shore. Chilean Patagonia offers a wide variety of lakes and lagoons where nautical sports are more than frequent. Enjoy some quality time at the beach surrounded by forests and volcanos. These are some of the beaches you can visit in Patagonia:

  • Lago Lanalhue: The first stop on the Chilean Lake Route. Located at the foot of the Nahuelbuta Mountain Range, in this place the native traditions of the Mapuche are still palpable. Sports: Windsurf, aquatic sky and swimming. 
  • Puerto Varas: This is a famous city in Chilean Patagonia where you can take long walks at the shore of Lago Llanquihue and admire volcanoes. Sport: Kayak, sport fishing. You can also rent a bike and visit Petrohue Falls. This is an excellent day trip to explore the beaches on the way to the falls. 
  • Pinguipulli: Cochuenco and Chueque beach are your travel destinations in Pinguipulli. Deep-blue waters and sandy beaches are all you need to enjoy this place. You can practise other sports in the region too like zipline, kayak and rafting. If you have the time and want to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience, visit the thermal bath of Lago Pinguipulli and Riñihue!
Osorno Volcano in Puerto Varas

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