What are the Benefits of Ecotourism?

Transformational travel Posted on 04/29/2021

Ecotourism became popular as a concept in the late 80s’ and nowadays is one of the most popular branches of the tourism industry. This is because the benefits of practicing ecotourism are several and involve positive impacts on the environment, the hosting communities, and the local economies. 

Another benefit of course is the transformational process that travelers exposed themselves to when visiting a new place under the ecotourism main values. This is most commonly known as responsible tourism, and it’s all about making thoughtful decisions when you travel.

1. The benefits of choosing ecotourism as a way of traveling

Some benefits of traveling under the ecotourism philosophy will have a direct impact on the social environment and others only would be seen in the long term. So the challenge of traveling with a responsible mind is to fight against our traditional way of fast-consuming everything (food, experiences, people) and try to slow down and think farther into our nearest future and that of our planet. 

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2. The benefits of making ecotourism your new travel philosophy are:

  • Minimizing travel impact: Every time we step into a new place we change the normal condition in which people live. Minimizing travel impact has to do with controlling your physical, psychological, and behavioral influence in the communities you visit. For example, being always respectful with the traditions that may seem unknown to you and trying to do your best to always follow the rules the culture you’re exploring stands for.
  • Building respect: Not only for the locals but for their natural environment. In the same way, you would learn how to respect the culture you’re trying to immerse in. This respectful attitude will help you to make this process much more enjoyable since people tend to be in a more open state of mind when they don’t feel judged or underestimated.
  • Positive experiences: The benefits one and two will inevitably lead you to have positive travel experiences. Not only you feel more welcome and secure in an unusual situation, but your hosts will also feel more comfortable helping you and sharing their insider tips to explore the destination.  
  • Financial benefits: Ecouturism not only cares about our impact on the natural environment but also about the way financial benefits are being distributed between local businesses, communities, and big enterprises that exploit the resources of a particular tourist destination. The benefit of Ecotourism is that both local and private entrepreneurs share the financial benefits in a fair way. As a result, the construction of low-impact facilities is encouraged too by these practices.
  • Empowered the native culture: To become a global citizen, we had to forget the individual cultures and embrace a global one. But it’s time to recover that cultural diversity that is crucial to the history of humankind. Ecotourism stands for recognizing the rights and the spiritual beliefs of other cultures, and the creation of coworking projects to empower this cultural heritage responsibly… not just to post the picture on social media.

3. To sump up

To sum up, the benefits of ecotourism orientate to encourage an every-day-more compromising attitude with the health of our natural environment, to improve our soft skill to relate with different cultures and people, and to rebuild economical partnerships based on more humanitarian values. 

Maybe you can ask yourself, next time you plan a trip, which of the benefits of ecotourism you’d like to enjoy? 

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