Argentina Blue Dollar vs Official Argentina Exchange Rate

Argentina Travel Posted on 11/29/2014

You may have heard about the different exchange rates for the Argentine peso while planning your trip to Argentina. The economic situation in Argentina may seem confusing or fluctuating, but it is important to familiarize yourself with the different exchange rates of Argentine currency.

Updated to 2022.

The way you handle your money exchange could be the difference between a fancy dinner out in Palermo or an empanada for the last night of your trip! With some of these simple explanations and savvy Argentina travel tips, you will be able to get the most out of your budget and enjoy everything that Argentina has to offer.

1. All about Argentina Peso

Historically, the Argentine peso has not always been considered a very stable currency, so it was common for Argentines to save their money in US dollars. In October 2011, the Argentine government began to restrict the sale and purchase of foreign currency to strengthen the Argentine peso. These currency restrictions prohibit Argentines from exchanging their pesos for any foreign currency unless they are traveling internationally. This has prevented Argentines from accessing U.S. dollars for their savings. 

Buenos Aires - Pink House - Downtown

Many consequences arose from this decision:

  • The creation of the black market.
  •  A gap between the type of exchange rates, the official government-controlled rate exchange, and the unofficial Argentina blue dollar rate.  
  • An unstable dollar, ruled by the purchase demand.

The most common foreign currency in Argentina is the US dollar, but there is high demand for Euros and Brazilian Reales, as well. In 2022, the official exchange rate ranged from 120 to 165 pesos for US$1, while the unofficial Argentina blue dollar rate fluctuated between 200 to 289 pesos for US$1. 

You can check the current official exchange rate on the Banco de la Nación Argentina’s website, which publishes the official dollar prices of the day.

Banco de la Nacion Argentina located in Plaza de Mayo Buenos Aires City

2. Argentina Peso vs USD

The Argentina blue dollar exchange rate is very important for travelers arriving in Argentina with foreign currency. Since demand is high and supply is low, the exchange rate continually increases, making more bang for your buck, so to speak. 

Nowadays, traveling to Argentina is more affordable than ever for foreign travelers, so let’s see some tips to make every penny of your budget count!

Where can you get official exchange rates?

Official transactions like ATM withdrawals, payments with foreign credit cards, bank transfers, or trading money through official exchange companies all use the official exchange rate.

Women using an ATM

How to exchange USD for Argentina pesos?

Although Argentina’s blue dollar seems more attractive to get, it is not always the safer and easiest option for visitors. Whether you exchange your US Dollar to official exchange rates or the famous “Argentina blue dollar”, your currency has the vantage. 

  • We highly recommend using official exchange offices or banks
  • Another great option is Western Union. Rates are a little bit higher and more convenient for you.
  • If traveling to Patagonia or other touristic destinations in the country, try to exchange money in Buenos Aires before departing to your next destination. ATMs, banks, and exchange offices will be available as well, but they are more likely to run out of money faster or be more inaccessible. 
  • Take into account that:
argentina peso vs usd

It is normal to see sellers advertising their money exchange services by shouting “cambio, cambio, dólares, euros, cambio!” One of the most common places to find these casas de cambio is on pedestrianized Florida Street, in downtown Buenos Aires. Although this casas de cambio may get the most out of the exchange rate between Argentina peso vs USD, this practice can turn out to be dangerous and unsafe for travelers. Try avoiding it so far. Here are some safety tips for you to stroll down Buenos Aires like a local.

3. Life-saving exchange tips

  • Tip #1

Wait till your arrival to exchange your USD for Pesos. The US Dollar rate flutes a lot in Argentina so use this on your side to get the most out of your USD budget.

  • Tip #2 

Exchanging USD to Pesos is easier and a possible mission, but the other way around can turn out to be a little bit more tedious than it seems. Being this said, take into account the amount of money you will be exchanging in order not to end your trip with lots of Pesos not worth taking home!

  •  Tip #3

Always exchange your money in safe and secure places like official banks and money exchange offices. Although it is not a dangerous activity, taking some precautions can keep you safe.

While this is just a quick summary of a complicated issue in the Argentine financial situation, hopefully, you now feel more informed about the whole matter of the Argentina peso vs USD, the difference between the Argentina blue dollar rate and the official exchange rate, and feel better prepared to exchange currency in Argentina. To learn more about how to plan your Argentina 2023 click here.

Now, you are ready to visit Argentina: pack your luggage and let your next adventure begin! For other helpful advice about visiting Argentina, contact our Travel Experts!

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