3 Traditional Argentina Dishes

Foodies' Guide Posted on 09/06/2019

If Argentina is lacking in any areas, food is definitely not one of them. I’ve been to restaurants where I’ve sneakily undone my zipper to keep filling up my plate at a Tenedor Libre (all-you-can-eat buffet). I’ve been invited to dinner parties where I nonchalantly ask the host how on God’s green earth did they make such good food, and they’ve replied “Are you kidding? This is one of the most traditional meals here!” The Argentina dishes are my weakness.

Note how they didn’t tell me their secrets on how they prepared it. So I did a little investigating myself to find the secrets of the deliciousness that is Argentine food. Make these Argentina dishes for lunch, dinner or any guests you may be having and watch their eyes roll back in bliss.

1. Empanadas

These empanadas differ from other styles of empanadas throughout South America, and are often baked (your waistline thanks you in advance) instead of fried. When purchased, the outer dough is twisted and formed into distinct shapes so that you can identify which kind is which without having to bite into each one first. When making them yourself, the filling is simply whatever you want to put inside; some of the most common fillings are beef, chicken and jamon y queso (ham and cheese).

Find the recipe here!

Argentina dishes

2. Gnocchi (Ñoquis)

On the 29th of every month it’s customary to eat gnocchi, melt-in-your-mouth potato pastas, and legend has it, if you put a coin under your plate while eating, it will bring you good luck! Like many Argentina dishes, this tradition began in Italy and was brought to Argentina by the many Italians that migrated here in the 19th century.

With very few ingredients, make your own gnocchi here!

3. Pastel de Papa

A more homey and familiar dish, the Pastel de Papa is quite similar to Shepherd’s Pie and is, of course, a crowd-pleaser (my favorite add-in: ketchup!). This steamy casserole is sure to keep your stomach full and happy, and is a great option for a family dinner.

Check out the recipe here and make it for a chilly autumn night!

For the days that you don’t feel like cooking, you can still bring a bit of Argentina to your plate with a one-of-a-kind steak. If you happen to be coming to Buenos Aires, here are our recommendations for the best steak in the city!

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