10 Best Bars in Buenos Aires

Foodies' Guide Posted on 02/23/2019

Fernet and Coca-Cola may be the local favorite across Argentina, but these 10 innovate bars are seriously shaking up the game! Check out the city’s top cocktail bars whipping up creative concoctions. Thanks to Argentina’s renowned Mendoza wine region, the country has earned its reputation as one of the top wine producers in the world – but Buenos Aires has so much more to offer than Malbec! Read to travel on Buenos Aires nightlife like an expert, and discover the top 10 best bars in Buenos Aires!

While porteños (Buenos Aires locals), aren’t typically known for being big drinkers, that hasn’t stopped a recent uptick in the city’s crafted cocktail craze. Travel in Buenos Aires to discover the best bars in town: from exclusive ritzy bars to massive, popular ones. There are praise-worthy watering holes opening their doors every week, ranging from rooftop lounges to swanky speakeasies, and everything in between.

1. Milion

Location: Paraná 1048, Buenos Aires

One of the more elegant bars in Buenos Aires, this seductive spot takes up three floors of a renovated old mansion. There’s a sprawling garden in the back which is overlooked by a solid balcony that holds the best seats in the house. Nearby marble steps are also an appealing place to lounge with a frozen mojito or basil daiquiri, but don’t stop there – there are plenty of innovative cocktails on the menu to test for yourself.

2. 878

Location: Thames 878, Buenos Aires

Known as a hidden speakeasy, 878 (known as ocho siete ocho to locals), is a wonderland hidden behind an unnumbered door in Villa Crespo. There are over 80 kinds to try, but all of cocktails are tasty. If you’re hungry, delicious tapas are available, and there’s even a vermouth happy hour from 7pm to 9pm Monday to Friday.

3. Nola

Location: Gorriti 4389, Buenos Aires

Nola is a can’t-miss pub that specializes in Cajun food, and as the name suggests, it’s inspired by New Orleans, Louisiana. The lively bar/restaurant is like an authentic slice of NOLA smack-dab in the middle of Buenos Aires. Locals and visitors love it alike, and their craft beers are always cold and crisp. Definitely worth checking out.

4. Alvear Roof Bar

Location: Av Alvear 1891, Buenos Aires

Overlooking Alvear Avenue from the 11th floor, the newly-reopened Alvear Roof Bar isn’t exclusive to hotel guests – everyone is welcome to enjoy a cocktail and the view at the Alvear Palace. This cozy outdoor rooftop bar offers a menu of snacks and beverages, each prepared with modern twists. Perfect for a weekend or late night Instagram post.

5. Doppelgänger

Location: Av Juan de Garray 500, Buenos Aires

This cool, emerald-colored bar is known for its eclectic decor and their perfectly-mixed martinis because Doppelgänger specializes in vermouth cocktails. The extensive menu is full of creative concoctions: start with the journalist, a martini with a bitter orange twist, or channel Don Draper and go for the bar’s best seller – an Old Fashioned.


6. Kiboo Cocktail Bar

Location: Honduras 5248, Buenos Aires

Kiboo Cocktail bar, also billed as “the first sake bar in Buenos Aires”, is not the typical Japanese restaurant that you go to order sushi and leave. Instead, it’s a welcoming ambiance you’ll want to spend hours in and return time and time again. The Japanese-inspired menu is really top-notch, and the lengthy sake menu is the most impressive in Buenos Aires. If rice wine isn’t your thing, there are also traditional wines and cocktails to choose from.

7. The Harrison Speakeasy

Location: Malabia 1764

The Harrison Speakeasy is hard to find, considering it’s hidden within Nicky Harrison, one of Palermo’s most popular sushi restaurants. After gaining permission from the restaurant staff, patrons are led to a holding chamber before a safe is opened, unveiling the lively bar within. With an inventive menu of crafted cocktails, there’s certainly something for every taste. We recommend the Union Pacific (a libation served in a smoke-blowing train) featuring a tasty mix of vodka, tea, bitters, ginger, and juice.

8. Florería Atlántico

Location: Arroyo 872, Buenos Aires

This is hands-down the best-smelling bar in Buenos Aires (but you may want to avoid if your allergies are acting up). Behind the walls of a charming shop that sells wine and flowers is a very special lounge that is always listed amongst the best bars in Argentina, South America, and even the world! To access the space, guests must pass through a refrigerator and then are welcome to indulge in their inspired cocktails or delicious menu items.

9. Rey de Copas

Location: Gorriti 5176, Buenos Aires

Rey de Copas is another bar located in an old house – this time in the Palermo Soho neighborhood. The walls are adorned with an interesting mix of Asian and Latin American art that creates a fascinating atmosphere. For example, face masks hang from the walls alongside trumpets and other instruments, and a glass ceiling reveals the night sky above. This is a unique destination to meet new people, gaze up at the stars, and discover your new favorite cocktail.

10. Verne Club

Location: Av. Medrano 1475, Buenos Aires

From the moment you first enter Verne Club, you feel as if you have been transported to a jazz club during the Roaring 20s. From the old-fashioned leather seats to the impressively large bar, the atmosphere is one of prohibition-style and classic cocktail elegance. Drinks are prepared by expert mixologists who are happy to recommend something based on your tastes, and each drink is named after one of the works of author Jules Verne.

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