Book now with our no risk cancellation and flexible travel policy

BOOK NOW, PAY LATER. Only a 10% deposit is required to confirm your trip*.

FULL REFUND FOR CANCELLATION. If you cancel 15 days before the trip*.

FLEXIBLE DATES. Confirm your trip and change the dates at zero cost.

CANCELLATION DUE TO COVID-19. Cancellation due to Covid-19 government’s restrictions, get a full refund too!***

TRAVEL RESPONSIBLY. We put your safety and our environment always first.

20 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE as a leading tour operator in Argentina & Chile.

*Flights: Say Hueque’s policies don’t apply to flights. Deposit, Refund and Rebooking policies may vary depending on the airline’s policies. 
** Cancellation between 14 and 8 days: 50% refund. These conditions only apply to land services.
This policy may not apply to very specific hotels or services that have different postponement terms. We will inform you during the process of booking if one of your selected hotels doesn’t apply to this zero penalty policy.
*** Cancellation 7 days prior to the trip for any other reason not related to Covid/19 you get no refund. These conditions only apply to land services.
This policy may not apply to very specific hotels or services that have different postponement terms.

The terms of this Special Booking Policy only apply to cancellation due to COVID-19. For any other canceling reason our regular Booking Policy will be applied. The terms of this Special Booking Policy do not apply to group journeys (more than 10 people) nor for trips booked prior to 25th April 2020. They apply to trips with travel dates from April  2021  until May 2022. Please note that for the Christmas holidays ( Dec 22th until Jan 4th ), different postponement deadlines or cancelation fees may apply. In those festive date cases, our regular Booking Policy applies.

Our protocol once you’re here

Upon arrival, your local guide will explain the most important safety measures you will have to respect and follow once in Argentina.

Every vehicle will be furnished with hand sanitizer which will be administered by our guides to avoid crowds.

During the trip everyone (your guides, drivers and guests), we’ll all be wearing face masks, and must mantainp 2-meters mandatory distance. from others

We’ll send all the documentation you’ll need so you can send it back to us before your travel starts.

24/7 Assistance. We’ll be with you all the way. In case of emergency you can contact us.

Private Experiences. All our trips are tailor-made. You can choose to travel privately or in small groups.

Not sure yet? Because we haven’t told you that…



  • We help our local economies: 80% of the revenues we get when you book a trip go directly to help the smaller local restaurants, hotels, and communities that you visit in your trips. They have been critically damaged by the pandemic and need our help more than ever. 


  • The first rule of explorers is to know their future exploration grounds like the back of their hand. We’re locals (most of us were born and raised in Argentina), we always know what to do and where to go when the unexpected happens. 


  • We protect our nature and support projects to reduce travel impact. Say Hueque is the first travel agency in Argentina to compensate its travelers’ carbon footprint. We also partner with South Pole, one of the most reputable organizations on Climate Change actions, to make sure that part of our resources is invested in projects that seek to reduce carbon emissions on our planet. 


  • Our hard work has harvested an elite reputation among reputed travel organizations and the press. In 2020 we have been awarded as Argentina’s Leading Tour Operator in the World Travel Awards.  


Keeping the wanderlust spirit going, it’s our most important duty. 

Keeping our dreams of an amazing future going, it’s everyone’s duty.


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