What is so Special about Luxury Patagonia Tours?

Patagonia Travel Posted on 04/25/2024

Tired of the top-notch classical resort, we got it there and found where “luxury” Patagonia tours are today.  

Patagonia still is wild and unexplored in many ways. Infrastructure in the region, distances, and extreme weather doesn’t make it easy to build 5-star resorts anywhere or put a team of experts together who organize non-the-typical Patagonia tours.

So, what is so special about luxury Patagonia tours is the dedicated staff and the secluded scenarios of hotels.

But, there is more:

  • Patagonia is a world-famous destination. You’ll probably need to book a customized trip to find new experiences off the classic circuits.
  • Luxury tours often mean exclusive access to natural places other people can only visit during regular open hours.
  • Most luxury accommodations also have a cultural approach to the destinations: huts built after the native tradition or local artists’ private expositions.
  • Masterchefs and premium cooks make luxury experiences special. In Patagonia, barbecue on the open field is popular.
  • Luxury lodges in Patagonia usually include a sustainable travel philosophy from materials nature-friendly design and solar energy. 

luxury Patagonia tours

1. First, what is luxury in Patagonia for us?

Luxury can be an evasive term. It is possible that two people, when thinking about a luxury trip, don’t share the same picture. 

Travel companies usually offer “private”, “exclusive” or “luxury” experiences but they never share with travelers what luxury means for them, and why it is different from a regular trip.

Here is our luxury travel philosophy.

Outside the crowd

We are laidback travelers and we love to be in nature. So, luxury means discovering Iguazú Falls while staying inside the National Park and enjoying the place when crowds are gone. Or spend a night in special huts in the middle of the Great Salt Flats in North Argentina.

The joy of discovery

Luxury for us also means being hosted by people seeking the joy of discovery, and experiencing travel as a way to transform our lives. Luxury for us means merging with the locals and their culture.

The importance of being sustainable

We don’t feel big hotel chains are worried about the positive impact on the ground they established. So, luxury for us is staying in premium-class service locations with a responsible travel philosophy

Luxury Patagonia tours are your kind of trip?

If any of the former feels like the kind of travel you love, the answer is yes, we have the luxury Patagonia tours you are looking for.

But, what is the difference between a regular tour and a luxury experience?

Let’s dive into one of our favorite travel examples.

2. Luxury Patagonia eco domes vs. traditional Patagonian hotels

Eco-dome glamping in El Calafate

Where: El Calafate, Santa Cruz (Patagonia Argentina) 

Perito Moreno Glacier 

Perito Moreno may be the most wanted attraction for people traveling to Patagonia. This rare icy giant is so special because it is the only glacier in the area that is not retracting, a sad reality of many other glaciers in Patagonia.

On the contrary, Perito Moreno is still advancing, and creating expectations. Why? Every few years, travelers can witness an ice bridge connecting the glacier with the coast.

Specialists make their predictions and try to guess when it will fall to Lago Argentino and try to be there to witness the stunning fall. And we travelers do the same!

Hotels in downtown El Calafate vs Pristine Eco domes

The regular option to visit El Calafate and travel to the National Park to see the Perito Moreno is staying in one of the many hotels downtowns. 

Most travelers choose this since El Calafate is a nice town, and because there are shuttles to the National Park. It is 40 min away so in regular accommodation, you’re still very close to nature.

Stay inside the National Park

However, the luxury Patagonia experience for us includes staying inside the National Park, in a premium eco dome, built after the “yaganes” native way, and powered by solar energy.

Although downtown Calafate is nice and there are bars and restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, it’s impossible to compare with the Pristine Camps Patagonia Luxury trip

luxury Patagonia tours

3. Luxury Patagonia tours vs. traditional Patagonia tours

luxury Patagonia tours

Where: Rancho dos Lagos, inside Los Glaciares National Park

The culture of cowboys and ranches in Patagonia

“Gauchos” are our national cowboys, people of the land, experts on the natural areas they are used to working in and wandering on horseback. 

Pristine eco-domes are inside the lands of Dos Lagos Ranch.

We’ll talk about the eco domes in a minute, but first, let’s see what benefits the nearby ranch can add to a luxury Patagonia tour.

Views of Perito Moreno from horseback

When staying in the Pristine luxury campsite day tours are included. The most beautiful is the horseback ride guided by a “gaucho” expert

In these rides, you’ll discover different lakes and witness the Perito Moreno Glacier from a different perspective. And enjoy a traditional Patagonian lamb at the end of the day.

Electric bikes and soft trails 

Being inside the National Park and guided by the experts of Dos Lagos Ranch you can easily go hiking around. On the regular, people stay on the catwalks facing the glacier.

If you don’t like hiking or horses, you can always discover the trails in electric bikes available and use-free.

4. Sleeping in an eco dome in Patagonia

View of pristine camps in el calafate

Go camping in style

Imagine someone saying “Camping is great, but I kind of miss my bed”, or “Bathing in the lake is ok, but not in the winter”. Eco-domes are the perfect choice for those travelers, who love the immersion in natural environments, but still, want to keep comfort at its best.

Eco domes are like big tents, made of wood, heated, and with a private bathroom and shower. Visualize a king-size bed, a salamander, a stove, armchairs, and a minibar.

Enjoy hot cocoa looking through the eco-dome window, or you can also read a book while sitting on your private deck, or inside the hot tub, and watch the glacier.

luxury Patagonia tours

Premium gastronomy

If you stay for 2 days or more, all meals are included in the price. And the quality of products and cooking is exceptional.

There is a fire space where you can enjoy your meals around the fire, and speak with other travelers. They offer cooking classes for foodies interested in taking some Patagonian recipes back home.

5. Luxury travel for amazing gifts

We associate luxury with “expensive”, and it usually is. Regular group travelers tend to avoid this kind of trip. However, it is an interesting travel option for couples.

Sometimes travelers want to surprise their companions and contact us for advice. Luxury options are great gifts because it can be tailor to your idea of “a romantic experience”.

In a luxury trip in Patagonia romanticism means privacy, great views and premium food service . 

luxury Patagonia tours

6. To sum up

First, you have to figure out what a luxury Patagonia tour looks like to you, and, second, find the matching product. 

After all, money is hard to get, and you shouldn’t waste it on a trip that won’t meet your expectations.

When talking about luxury travel and immersive experience the best is to go tailor-made with a local expert who understands your needs and wants to help you achieve your dream trip.

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