Argentina Food : Gluten-Free in Buenos Aires, Part 1

Foodies' Guide Posted on 08/10/2016

If you are planning to travel to Argentina you may be wondering if you’ll really be able to eat gluten-free in Buenos Aires. Fortunately, it’s clear that steak-houses and Italian restaurants are no longer the only Argentina food options for restaurant-goers in modern-day Buenos Aires. Gone are the days when celiacs and gluten-free enthusiasts turned down invitations to carb-heavy pasta dinners to instead devour spoonfuls of quinoa in their Porteño kitchens. In fact, if you’re looking to eat gluten-free in Buenos Aires, you’ll be glad to hear that multiple gluten-free dining options have sprouted up across the city, providing a safe-haven for those in need of a little less pan (bread) on the table…

Sintaxis (Nicaragua 4898)

Gluten-free travelers planning their Argentina trip will be excited to know that Sintaxis, a trendy Palermo-based restaurant, offers a diverse menu with a large selection of gluten-free items including non-wheat pastas, grilled meats, wraps, sandwiches, salads, soups, and more. Sintaxis is the perfect spot for a gluten-free lunch with friends on a Saturday afternoon in Palermo. Visit their website for an in-depth look at their largely gluten-friendly menu. 

Buenos Aires Verde (Gorriti 5657, or Vidal 2226)

With locations in both Palermo and Belgrano, Buenos Aires Verde is a favorite spot for those eating vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free in Buenos Aires. Their menu includes a large variety of raw plates, including gluten-free raw lasagna and cannellonis. Customers are also known to love their fresh licuados and elixirs (read: liquid-health concoctions) and their humble almacén with healthy take-away items to tempt you on your way out. 

Casa Munay (Scalabrini Ortiz 2018)

Casa Munay is a popular Buenos Aires vegetarian restaurant, but their Palermo menu offers various options for Celiacs as well. Head to Casa Munay around midday as their creative lunch specials are renowned for being both scrumptious and filling. Popular items at Casa Munay include a vegetable and black bean salad and the portobello mushroom burgers. This intimate location also offers yoga classes and has a built-in store that sells almond milk, dates and whatever else your gluten-free heart desires.

BIO: Sólo Orgánico (Humboldt 2192)

Last but certainly not least, BIO: Sólo Orgánico in Palermo is without a doubt a safe-haven for those seeking to eat gluten-free in Buenos Aires. Favorite Celiac items on the menu include quinoa risotto, yamani rice pizza, and Sopa Vietnamita. Apart from boasting a large, creative, and indisputably delicious organic menu, they also share recipes with customers and provide courses to those eager to learn more about healthy cooking. What’s more, they offer a class tailored specifically to cooking gluten-free as well. Visit their website for a menu, recipes, courses, and restaurant hours.

Now that we’ve addressed your fears about finding Argentina food that is gluten-free in Buenos Aires, isn’t it about time you started planning the rest of your Argentina trip?

By Daniel Whelden

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