Best Budget-Friendly 5 Hotels in Patagonia Chile

Patagonia Travel Chile Travel Posted on 10/20/2022

Choosing the right accommodation is a key choice to make when planning your next trip. Hotels in Patagonia Chile are countless yet it can be hard to find quality but affordable ones. If you are seeking to travel through this mythic region and discover its main highlights, here are 5 hotels in Patagonia Chile that will receive you with outstanding service at a budget-friendly price. Let’s find out hotels in Patagonia Chile for your next adventure.

1. What is Patagonia Chile Known For?

This unique region has proudly gained its reputation. From stunning snow-capped mountains, imposing fjords and dazzling pristine lakes Patagonia Chile has it all. Traveling all the way down to this unique region is worth the travel no doubt at. Patagonia Chile is also known for:

  • Torres del Paine National Park which was declared a natural biosphere reserve by UNESCO.
  • It is the only region in the world where you can spot Magellanic Penguins
  • Is the southernmost area of South America you can explore: You can proudly state you have been at the  End of the World.
  • First, Patagonia, though has extended regions without inhabitants, is significantly populated to this day and highly prepared for international tourism.
  • Local culture is almost intact so you can truly experience a different culture genuinely

Torres del Paine - Cuernos

2. Hotels in Patagonia Chile to visit Torres del Paine

Where to go: Torres del Paine

Worldwide known destination for hike lovers. Torres del Paine National Park hosts indeed a one-of-a-kind scenery. Spot the stunning Paine Horns, and Paine Towers, walk by the shore of Grey Lake or, if looking for a true adventure, you can embark on a 5-day tour known as the W Circuit and visit the all main highlights of Torres del Paine National Park.

Lago Grey Hotel

This World Heritage area offers from luxurious EcoCamp to cozy hostels. But a great choice for charming and affordable accommodation is Lago Grey Hotel. Wake up and enjoy a dazzling view of Grey Lake from your very room! It has an excellent location near Grey Glacier and offers comfortable rooms that include:

  • Central heating
  • Free WiFi
  • Bar & Restaurant to taste native Chilean wines and dishes.


3. Hotels to visit Puerto Natales

Where to go: Puerto Natales

Puerto Natales is the starting point for adventurers seeking to discover Torres del Paine National Park but it is home to so much more: Grey Glacier, Last Hope Channel, and the unique Milodón Cave

This city is an excellent choice to save some money on accommodation if your intention is to visit Torres del Paine. Great insight: Book in advance your accommodation as the ones located inside the National Park tend to get booked fast. Puerto Natales hosts picturesque views or walks by the shore of the Magellanic Strait, so in case you want to save some money and discover another southern beautiful destination Puerto Natales is your call.

Hotel Noi Indigo

Hotel Noi Indigo might be one of the hotels in Patagonia Chile with one spa with a view that makes your stay worth it. Cozy, but elegant and boutique, this hotel is a great choice to stay at a nice place with a budget-friendly price.

  • Spa & Jacuzzi with stunning views of Last Hope Fjord
  • Do not miss the exquisite restaurant menu experience
  • Lounge Bar


Factoria Patagonia

This charming INN awaits you with beautiful Patagonia-style rooms, equipped with comfortable beds, a private bathroom, and the best part: dazzling views of the seaboard of Puerto Natales.

  • Free touristic assistance
  • Restaurant with homemade local recipes
  • Free WiFi

hotels patagonia chile

4. Hotel to visit Punta Arenas

Where to go: Punta Arenas

Jumping-off point to embark on the magnificent Australis Cruise and explore the tend lands of the End of the World. Patagonia’s fjords, the legendary Cape Horn, and the one and only Beagle Channel await you! Be ready to spot Magellanic Penguin- It is the only region in the world where they can be found.

Hotel Cabo de Hornos

Located in the historic center of Punta Arenas, Hotel Cabo de Hornos is an excellent choice for explorers seeking a cozy, comfortable place to stay mixed with high-quality service, and gastronomy offer. Luxurious yet affordable, let’s see the main insights of this hotel in Patagonia, Chile:

  • Located downtown near the main attractions of Punta Arenas
  • Free WiFi
  • Breakfast is available
  • Do not hesitate on visiting its local gastronomy restaurant to taste some exquisite local dishes!

hotels patagonia chile

5. Hotels in Patagonia Chile to visit Lake District

Where to go: Puerto Varas

Welcome to the Lake District in Patagonia, Chile! German-like architecture, and views of the pristine waters of Lake Llanquihue: you have reached Puerto Varas. This coastal city hosts the inactive famous Osorno volcano and it’s a must-see natural attraction. Many outdoor activities like waterskiing and endless hiking trails await explorers in Puerto Varas. 

Cabaña del Lago Hotel

Feel at home in this hotel in Patagonia Chile. Located in front of Lake Llanquihue, panoramic views of the Lake and Volcán Osorno are guaranteed! This cozy but luxurious hotel offers:

  • Kids-friendly accommodation
  • Indoor pool
  • Terrace & Bar
  • Local gastronomy restaurant, an excellent opportunity to taste Lake District’s local cuisine and grill options.

Osorno Volcano in Puerto Varas

If the landscape has inspired you to invest a little more on your budget, you can also discover some of the Best Hotels in Patagonia here.

So, now that you can choose the right accommodation, get your luggage done and let this Patagonia adventure begin! To learn more about traveling to Chile in 2023 click here. 

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